Since there have been a lot of spam accounts, I have disabled signups. Will be enabled again, when I have a fix for the spam accounts.

moon ,

Dang must suck being on a proprietary locked down platform you have no control over. That's literally impossible on my deGoogled android running GOS.

ProBot , avatar

No way! Prove it

KillingTimeItself ,

can't wait for my personally hosted, and managed hardware server to start serving me shit i never put up in the first place.

Oh wait that won't happen, because i host it, and it's mine, and i own it.

xmunk ,

merges WordPress into the apt repository for grep

watches the world burn

KillingTimeItself ,


aido , avatar

Well, someone obviously didn't read past the headline: its undeleting images locally that haven't been overwritten

KillingTimeItself ,

yeah and i can't have that issue because i use a real filesystem that isn't schizophrenic, because if it was you would get dataloss

Thank fuck for nerds writing open source software. Otherwise my life would be hell.

StaySquared ,

Hm... I curiously checked my phone, deleted images/videos are still deleted and haven't resurfaced. Then again I don't mix technology with nudity. /shrug

ChaoticEntropy , avatar

Did you think some else's nudes might have resurfaced there...?

Soggy ,

No they're just feeling morally superior for no good reason.

whoreticulture ,

There are tons of reasons to take nude photos... you often have to send in nude photos for the beginning stages of surgery consultations.

And sexting is fun.

This comment comes across insanely judgemental of the individual, when the issue is that Apple deleting data and thus violating privacy.

StaySquared ,

Yeah.. I think I'd rather do that in person than to video record or take images of myself nude. Privacy and security is a pretty big deal to me. Hence, I don't mix technology with nudity.

whoreticulture ,

You've never been in a long distance relationship? And as I said, some people need to take nudes for medical reasons. It's not a hypothetical situation, I know multiple people who have done this.

It's fine that you have your own personal philosophy for taking nudes, but your post is coming off as judgemental of those who do.

It's not the individual's fault, it's Apple's fault for being unclear about what the delete feature is actually doing.

StaySquared ,

Hm.. I never felt a need to expose myself (using tech) to another person to feel validated or to get their (or my) rocks off or for any other reason, honestly. I'm not trying be morally superior, I'm just saying I don't expose myself with technology as a medium. In fact, I've never posted a photo of myself on any social media. I take privacy and security seriously.

Plus look at the consequences of exposing yourself to others through tech... blackmail, image-based abuse/exploitation, revenge p*rn etc..

My initial comment was simply stating that Apple's latest update hasn't undeleted any of my photos/videos in general but that then again I don't have any nude images/videos on my iphone/iCloud storage if the claim is that nude images/videos exclusively are getting undeleted.

whoreticulture ,

Ah okay. I didn't interpret this as only nudes being undeleted, so I was reading your comment in that light. Understandable.

callouscomic ,

I just want to appreciate an argument where both user names check out, considering the stances taken by the "whore" and the "square" per the names.

whoreticulture ,

🔥🔥 YES

frezik ,

It's not just nudes, though. This could happen for any deleted picture. I'm not really expecting them to zero out the file system block or anything, but this implies they're not even doing file system level deletion.

KillingTimeItself ,

i'm almost certain this is more of a cloud bug than anything. Fucking up the incredibly basic process of "hey this shit isn't real, don't look here for anything" is hilarious.

There shouldnt be a fucking excuse. Did you accidentally roll back an fs journal? No, good, because that's how you get dataloss

Buddahriffic ,

I love mixing technology with nudity. But I have also avoided this problem because I don't mix technology and Apple.

StaySquared ,

So you use a de-googled android?

dojan , avatar

I think mixing tech and nudity is awesome! I love getting dickpics!

billwashere ,

You don’t mix technology and YOUR nudity 😉

StaySquared ,


antidote101 ,

As a rule, files never get deleted... They get over written. So it depends on whether that process has happened to any loose images.

Avialle ,

Surprise backup

DAMunzy ,

Oh, it's up!

dumbass , avatar

Is it just nudes or is it all old photos?

rimjob_rainer ,

The former would be hilarious, it would mean that iOS explicitly classified those images as nudes.

StaySquared ,

Indeed. But Apple does have the tech to analyze images/videos:

Apple's CSAM detection capability is built solely to detect known CSAM images stored in iCloud Photos that have been identified by experts at NCMEC and other child safety groups.

dojan , avatar

It's using hashes, no?

answersplease77 ,

which means they exported this task to some Indians overaeas.. fuck which is just worse

KillingTimeItself ,

ok so probably not, CSAM detection, specifically modern detection the kind that MS does, is based on image hashes, and how it works is that the law collects and creates the hash sets for these images, and distributes them to tech companies, who can then use them to calculate against hashes of existing photos, and if a match returns, ladies and gentleman, we got em.

Treczoks ,

Are they not happy when they got back what they thought was lost? :-)

ColdWater , avatar

I still don't get why people take pictures of themselves being nude and complained when it got leak because data breach

filcuk ,

You don't? Really?

ColdWater , avatar

I don't, I didn't even shower naked


There are dozens of us.

milicent_bystandr ,

Maybe if you turned the water temperature up.

Scrollone ,

Tobias, is that you?

whoreticulture ,

"I don't understand why people have sex and then complain when they can't get an abortion because of Roe v Wade being appealed."

This is what you sound like. Blame the system, not the individual for having a better sex life than you.

StaySquared ,

Pretty sure physical contact is far superior to... sending nudes. But if that's having a better sex life, hey good on you LOL

whoreticulture ,

The tease of getting a well-lit nude in the middle of the workday? 🧑🏻‍🍳🤌🏻💋

It's all about the antici ..... pation.

Wiitigo ,

Just the nudes. Nothing else.

Classy ,

Not true, it specifically states in the article that, for example, one user had over 300 photos reappear, "some of which were revealing". This is obviously not great but it isn't likely as scandalous as it's being made out to be.

buddascrayon ,

The joke --------->

You ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

azalty , avatar

It was kinda wrote like a statement. People who didn’t read the article will read it as such, misinforming people

buddascrayon ,

Have you always been a pedant or is this a recent development?

azalty , avatar

If misinformation is a minor issue to you, then I can’t do better

Classy ,

There's so much misinformation online, sure it could have been a joke but it's so easy to just be lazy, read the comment straight and move on acting like there's some kind of operation going on at Apple stealing your nudes. I don't really care if it's a joke or not, and you're not even the OP so who are you to say it's for a fact a joke?

azalty , avatar

That was the case for me, until I decided to read the article

Darkenfolk ,

What article, it's just a link. If I can't read it here it ain't there.

We shouldn't encourage post-bot behaviour in the posters, title+summary or gtfo.

azalty , avatar


Darkenfolk ,

Nah, I just really hate people link dumping. Why even bother posting if you can't be bothered to post something with content?

azalty , avatar

By clicking the link, you’ll access an article with more information

Not being constantly fed with information and fact checking can also be good from time to time

It doesn’t have to be "do all the work for us or do nothing". Posters don’t owe you anything.

VirtualOdour ,

I agree, give me enough information so I know if it's worth reading the article

Glytch ,

Since we're being pedantic: the word you're looking for is "written" not "wrote".

azalty , avatar

I don’t see where I’ve mentioned a small English mistake. I said that it was written like a statement, which could misinform people

xmunk ,

I think you may have speeded to a conclusion.

whoreticulture ,

It's scandalous regardless. The nudes just highlight the danger of this.

fritobugger2017 ,
Moorshou , avatar

Good thing I already knew Iphone wasn't private.

I mean, they make you sign in with an Icloud ID

ILikeBoobies ,

Never accepted the agreement, it constantly asks me to but works without it

Having said that, I am sure it still steals my photos because it’s close sourced

KillingTimeItself ,

damn, user ilikeboobies, is security conscious? What a time to be alive.

HelloHotel , (edited ) avatar

I dont trust that client side scanning or other system components arent going through these half deleted files

possiblylinux127 , avatar


Next up, it starts showing other peoples nudes

VindictiveJudge , avatar

"I know it's not your nude, but it's a nude and that's what you were looking for, right?"

srwax ,

Of course it's company policy to never imply ownership in the event of a nude. It's always the indefinite article "a" nude. Never "your" nude.

time_lord ,

There's a post on reddit about some dude who gave his phone to a friend (wiped it, new iCloud, everything), and the undeleted photos are from when OP owned the phone.

kaputter_Aimbot ,

With a factory reset the phones encryption keys will be destroyed and nothing should be retrievable from that device. Even if the data isn't overwritten, without the encryption key no one could read it.

At least that's my understanding of the modern safety- and encryption features of recent phone models/mobile OS's.

The worst part: Apple's iCloud is end-to-end encrypted and even Apple can't see the users files, at least that is what they say.

If what the dude on Reddit states is true, then this is bad, really really bad! 😮

example ,

you can enable end to end encryption, it's optional. I don't think it's enabled by default.

Natanael ,

Not all of iCloud is end to end encrypted unless you manually activate their extra secure mode (which disables a few features too)

histic ,

It does happen I have a buddy who sold his phone to another buddy they reset it but there was still random files and stuff on it even after factory reset

nonfuinoncuro ,

hey guy I've got a buddy too

AVincentInSpace ,

Link pls?

Im_old ,

That's a feature, not a bug

starman2112 , avatar

I mean that's what is happening if the phone used to belong to someone else

chemicalwonka , avatar

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  • CluckN ,

    I’m a paper user and I burn all my letters using a large amount of heat.

    Kolanaki , avatar

    I'm a stone tablet user and I throw my tablets off Mt. Sinai.

    JoeBigelow , avatar

    I'm a signal flare user and this metaphor is really falling down

    HelloHotel , avatar

    Im an etch-a-shetch user, and a good shake is all it takes.

    Cethin ,

    Etch-a-sketch is clearly the superior technology. Everyone should just keep their nudes in etch-a-sketch form.

    sugar_in_your_tea ,

    Instructions unclear, aluminum powder stuck in my naughty bits.

    dutchkimble ,

    It helps erase whatever you drew if you shake the etch-a-sketch too!

    tal , (edited ) avatar

    I’m an android user and I shred my files using a app that uses an algorithm that overwritten that bytes of the file

    I suspect that it doesn't actually work. I mean, they can overwrite the logical positions in the file file if they want, but that doesn't entail that it actually overwrites the underlying physical blocks, for a number of reasons, starting with some of the stuff at the drive level, but also because of higher-level issues. What filesystem does Android use?


    Looks like yaffs2, at least on this system.

    rootfs / rootfs ro 0 0
    tmpfs /dev tmpfs rw,mode=755 0 0
    devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,mode=600 0 0
    proc /proc proc rw 0 0
    sysfs /sys sysfs rw 0 0
    tmpfs /sqlite_stmt_journals tmpfs rw,size=4096k 0 0
    none /dev/cpuctl cgroup rw,cpu 0 0
    /dev/block/mtdblock0 /system yaffs2 ro 0 0
    /dev/block/mtdblock1 /data yaffs2 rw,nosuid,nodev 0 0
    /dev/block/mtdblock2 /cache yaffs2 rw,nosuid,nodev 0 0
    /dev/block//vold/179:0 /sdcard vfat rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,uid=1000,gid=1015,fmask=0702,dmask=0702,allow_utime=0020,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro 0 0

    YAFFS is a robust log-structured file system that holds data integrity as a high priority. A secondary YAFFS goal is high performance. YAFFS will typically outperform most alternatives.[3] It is also designed to be portable and has been used on Linux, WinCE, pSOS, RTEMS, eCos, ThreadX, and various special-purpose OSes. A variant 'YAFFS/Direct' is used in situations where there is no OS, embedded OSes or bootloaders: it has the same core filesystem but simpler interfacing to both the higher and lower level code and the NAND flash hardware.

    Yeah, note the "log-structured" bit there.

    A log-structured filesystem is a file system in which data and metadata are written sequentially to a circular buffer, called a log.

    So, what happens is that when you write, it's going to the log, and then there's a metadata update once the write is complete saying "I wrote to the log". The app probably isn't writing to the previous location of the data on the disk, because writing to byte offset 32,000 the second time in a file will go to a different logical location on the storage device than the first time you wrote it, causing the thing to not actually be overwritten.


    Secure Deletion on Log-structured File Systems

    We address the problem of secure data deletion on log-structured file systems. We focus on the YAFFS file system, widely used on Android smartphones. We show that these systems provide no temporal guarantees on data deletion and that deleted data still persists for nearly 44 hours with average phone use and indefinitely if the phone is not used after the deletion. Furthermore, we show that file overwriting and encryption, methods commonly used for secure deletion on block-structured file systems, do not ensure data deletion in log-structured file systems.

    I'd also note that this is a lead-up to proposed solutions, but that's only handling things down to the level that the OS sees, not what the flash device sees; they don't mention things like wear leveling, so they probably aren't taking that into consideration.

    EDIT: Oh, they do mention it, but just to say that some of their approach might work (like, what they mean is that if it writes enough data in the background, it might eventually overwrite whatever, even if the OS has no control as to what's being written):

    Wei et al. [16] have considered secure deletion on flash storage in the context of solid state drives (SDDs). An SSD makes use of a Flash Translation Layer (FTL). This layer allows a regular block-based file system (such as FAT) to be used on flash memory by handling the nuances of erase blocks opaquely through the FTL’s layer of indirection. This layer has the same effect as a log-structured file system,
    where the FTL writes new entries at empty locations, so old entries remain until the entire erase block can be reclaimed.
    They executed traditional block-based approaches to secure deletion and determined that they do not properly sanitize
    data on flash storage. They also showed alarmingly that some built-in sanitization methods do not function correctly either. They propose to address this concern by having flash hardware manufacturers make use of zero overwriting, and add it into the FTL hardware. They state that circumventing the problem of a lack of secure deletion requires changes in the FTL, but depending on how the FTL is implemented, our userlevel approaches may also succeed similarly without requiring hardware changes.

    Everythingispenguins ,

    So if I am reading this right thermite is the safest way to permanently delete my data right?

    tal , avatar

    Well, physical destruction. Thermite maybe isn't the best route.

    linearchaos , avatar

    Really, it depends on your definition of best.

    JASN_DE ,

    It will be effective as fuck though.

    Everythingispenguins ,

    Nope regardless of the situation. Thermite is always the best solution

    lolola , avatar

    I appreciate this thread's nuanced discussion of how file deletion works from a technical standpoint depending on storage medium. But as a user, when I delete something, it should go away forever. I don't care how.

    TimeSquirrel , (edited ) avatar

    If every time an OS had to delete something it had to fill the space with zeros or garbage data multiple times just to make extra sure it's gone, we'd all be trashing our flash chips very fast, and performance would be heavily degraded. There really isn't a way around this.

    The solution to keep private files private is to put them into an encrypted container of some sort where you control the keys.

    5too ,

    Step away from hardware constraints for a moment, and consider the OS:

    If the OS says a file is deleted, under no circumstances should the OS be able to recover it. Sure, certain tools may exist to pull it back; but it should be unavailable to the OS after that. And yet, apparently a software update was enough to recover these files. Thus, the concerns about data safety in an environment where the OS cannot be trusted to remove data when it says it has been removed.

    TimeSquirrel , avatar

    So let's stop calling it "deleted" then, and call it what it is. "Forgetting".

    I'm not sure what you actually want the OS to do about it other than as I said, fill it with random data.

    borari , (edited ) avatar

    I think this is just semantics at this point, but to me there is a difference between “deleted” and “erased”. I see deleted as the typical “moved to trash” or rm action, with erased being overwritten bits, or like microwaving a drive.

    Edit - If i remember correctly deleting something in most OS’s/File Systems just deletes the pointer to that file on disk. The data just hangs out until new data is written to that sector. The solution, other than the one you mentioned about encrypting stored data and destroying the key when you want the data “deleted”, would be to only ever store data in volatile memory. That would make for a horrendous user experience though.

    Hildegarde ,

    You can delete files by overwriting the data. On Linux its shred -zu [file]. Its slow but good to do if you are deleting sensitive data.

    Its good its not the standard delete function.

    Liz ,

    Question: what fraction of bits do you need to randomly flip to ensure the data is unrecoverable?

    barsoap ,

    Information theory aside: In practice all because you can't write bit-by-bit and if you leave full bytes untouched there still might be enough information for an attacker to get information, especially if it's of the "did this computer once store this file" kind of information, not the actual file contents.

    If I'm not completely mistaken overwriting the file once will be enough to prevent recovering with logical means, that is, reading the bits the way the manufacturer intended you to, physical forensics can go further by being able to discern "this bit, before it got overwritten, was a 1 or 0" by looking very closely at the physical medium, details on how much flipping you need to defeat that will depend on the physical details.

    And I wouldn't be too terribly sure about that electro magnet you built into your case to erase your HDD with a panic button: It's in a fixed place, will have a fixed magnetic field, it's going to scramble everything sure but the way it scrambles is highly uniform so the bits can probably be recovered. If you want to be really sure buy a crucible and melt the thing.

    Also, may I interest you in this stylish tin-foil hat, special offer.

    Natanael ,

    If it's completely random then 50%, that's how stream ciphers works.

    Hildegarde ,

    If you delete normally, only the index of the files are removed, so the data can be recovered by a recovery program reading the "empty" space on the disk and looking for readable data.

    If you do a single pass erase, the bits will overwritten one time. About half the bits will be unchanged, but that makes little difference. Any recovery software trying to read it will read the newly written bits instead of the old ones and will not be able to recover anything.

    However, forensic investigation can probably recover data after a single pass erase. The shred command defaults to 3 passes, but you can do many more if you need to be even more sure.

    Unless you have data that someone would spend large sums on forensics to recover, 1 to 3 passes is probably enough.

    RecluseRamble ,

    Well, iOS could just do it like every other OS that don't restore deleted data by installing an update.

    LodeMike , (edited )

    Well, the storage device should handle that then. And modern NVMEs do. Self-encrypted drives are used to hide deleted information from an attacker that desolders the storage chips.

    Edit: there are NVMEs that dont use self encryption, BUT they should still recognize a deleted sector.

    TimeSquirrel , avatar

    That would apply in my "encrypted container of some sort" solution, yes.

    Natanael ,

    Deletion commands are unfortunately not very reliable on many SSDs

    LodeMike ,

    The OS should never let that happen. It always should abstract the partition into a filesystem.

    wreckedcarzz , avatar

    I don't care how

    grabs your phone, throws it on the ground and blasts it with a shotgun

    There you go! =)

    piracysails ,

    Cloud's deleted folder enters the chat.

    wreckedcarzz , avatar

    Objective updated: shoot cloud server

    JoeBigelow , avatar

    John Connor has entered the chat

    KnightontheSun ,

    Many years ago, we had a troubled employee leave work very mad. He was quite furious with his computer and went home for his revolver unbeknownst to us. He came back to work with it and unloaded all six rounds into the system. Each round went through the case and each one missed the drive/motherboard/videocard. So, the system was still working despite the abrupt extra cooling holes. This further incensed him and he went away even madder, but this time in cuffs.

    FlihpFlorp ,

    The computer is good at dodging without moving

    It’s like how I can talk while holding my breath but only over a call

    sugar_in_your_tea ,

    Wow, how do you suck that bad at aiming?

    postmateDumbass ,

    You never shoot the messenger monitor.

    gravitas_deficiency ,

    It’s pretty easy if you don’t know where the computer’s vital organs are

    VindictiveJudge , avatar
    RIPandTERROR , avatar
    brbposting ,

    I’ve been pleased with their messaging on that - “deleted items remaining trash for [some period]…“ (IIRC)

    lolola , avatar

    Hey at least I know it gets the job done

    tal , avatar

    Hmm. I don't know. Like, the actual surface involved in the storage is a lot smaller than the actual phone, and I imagine that you may-or-not destroy it with a given pellet.

    I remember '80s movies -- from a time when a lot of people weren't all that personally-familiar with computers -- where someone "destroying a computer" consisted of shooting its screen, which might be not that far off what would be happening. here. In fact, I bet that that probably has a TV Tropes entry.


    Well, they have a guy punching it, same kind of idea.

    I will destroy this machine!

    Yes! Now the other side will have to spend a whole $100 to replace it!

    Might be kind of the same idea, just writ small.

    borari , avatar

    I’ve started seeing people, who really should know better, referring to the PC tower as the CPU. As in, “I bought a bracket that mounts to my variable height desk which can hold my CPU up off the floor and let it move with my desk”.

    Bro I’m looking at a picture of a custom water cooled PC here, you should know the fucking difference between a CPU and a computer case.

    DoctorButts ,

    I learned everything about how to build a PC from buildapc... like 12 years ago. Nowadays it has been infested by idiots who don't know shit but act like they do, and also think more RGB = more better.

    tal , avatar

    I don't know what happened, but I put together a PC for the first time in some years, and holy mother of God, all the components have RGB LEDs slapped on them now. I had to actively work to find parts that didn't have RGB LEDs on them (and I still accidentally wound up with some on the motherboard). I mean, yeah, LED case fans have been a thing for a while, and there was always a contingent that put electroluminescent strips on their computers. And it kinda grew into a lot of keyboards and mice. But now it's a large portion of CPU fans, most cases, RAM sticks have RGB LEDs, motherboards have RGB LEDs. I didn't have trouble finding non-RGB LED NVMe storage, or non-RGB LED SATA drives, but even there, you can get them. Hell, there are RGB LED cables.

    I can only assume that a large portion of the people building PCs these days are doing it to have them physically blinged up.

    Like, nothing wrong with wanting to do that, but I couldn't believe the tiny proportion that wasn't doing that.

    VindictiveJudge , avatar

    I actually like having lights on the keyboard. Mostly because I can find rarely used keys in the dark.

    barsoap ,

    The only way my box is blinged up is with tastefully beige-brown fans. I actually felt slightly betrayed by Noctua when they started making black fans.

    tal , avatar

    Eh, that's been a thing for a long time. Decades at least.

    I think that the problem is that there isn't really a great term to clearly refer to the "non-monitor-and-peripherals" part of the "computer". "Case" would refer to just the case, not what's in it. "Tower" or "desktop" is overspecific, refers to particular form factors. I have a tower, but some people have under-monitor desktops (though that's rare today) or various times of small form factor PCs. If I say "computer", that doesn't really clearly exclude peripherals.

    And honestly, we don't really use the term "GPU" quite correctly either. I'll call a whole PCI video card a "GPU", but I suppose that strictly-speaking, that should only be talking about a specific chip on the card.

    rebelsimile ,

    8 bit games would label the computer player as CPU as a shorthand, I honestly probably got snapped at by a nerd sometime in my teens for making the mistake and got the central processing unit lecture so I don’t really make that association but I also never heard anyone pronounce “NES” not as an acronym prior to YouTube, so, I figure different people have different experiences also.

    Murdoc ,

    At one time I remember people commonly referring to the case as the hard drive.

    barsoap ,

    You know what? They're technically correct. There's historically plenty of computer systems which came in multiple different cases, sometimes that's still the case but the most obvious examples are historical, where you would get something like the CPU (yes) in one case and then a huge-ass card reader in another case and drum memory in yet another. Those drums were used as RAM. Each case was standing on the floor, at least chest-high.

    Simply integrating various peripherals into the CPU doesn't make the CPU any less of the CPU. Even ignoring the case thing and just looking at the CPU package (or even die): Modern CPUs contain a lot of things that would've been external to it, or even in a different case, in the past. You'll hear the term "SoC", system on a chip, thrown around but that's misleading most CPUs nowadays are SoCs: You have your CPU cores, yes, but you also have a memory controller, you have storage interfaces and general IO (PCIe is a storage interface), as well as a GPU. It's been a long time since mainboards came with northbridges. Newer CPUs may have enough memory on package to reasonably run without external memory (and not just "use the cache as ram during early boot" kind of stuff).

    JoeBigelow , avatar

    Easy peasy

    wreckedcarzz , avatar

    Lemon squeezey

    gravitas_deficiency ,

    Well… if you really want to delete them…

    takes blasted phone, insert remnants into small iron cup, places in inductive furnace

    tiredofsametab ,

    But as a user, when I delete something, it should go away forever.

    Years of working tech support in my past tells me that this is a lie. "OMG restore this!"

    linearchaos , avatar

    I think tech would be a better place if it did actually go away when you deleted things. If something's not explicitly backed up people really should have no hope of bringing it back.

    Everythingispenguins ,

    That is what thermite is for.

    VirtualOdour ,

    The second drive bay is the right size for a handy block of data erasing c4

    No one will ever read my Zuck / Bezos fanfic.

    Everythingispenguins ,

    Lol. I actually used to know a guy that claimed he used to have computer setup with a small thing to thermite on his hard drive and had set it up so if there were too many wrong passwords it would set the igniter off for the thermite. I don't know if you really, did but he definitely had the technical skills to do that. He was one of those extreme early adopters of BSD and Linux who never used GUI. Oh and he was batshit crazy, legitimately I can see him thinking that was a good idea.

    LucidNightmare ,

    It's to prevent you from accidentally deleting a photo you would never want to delete. If you want to make sure it's deleted, you just go into the Photos app and delete it from the Recently Deleted folder. I prefer this approach, as I have accidentally deleted a photo that I did not mean to, and luckily it was still there. Use cases are different though, so.

    starman2112 , avatar

    That still doesn't fully erase the data though. It just tells the computer that that space on the drive is available to be overwritten, but the 1s and 0s are still recoverable

    LucidNightmare ,

    Right, right. I understand that. I was just explaining why the option is good for people like me. I don't take nudes, and I don't receive nudes, so I don't mind if the data is still there or not. I'm just glad the photo of me and my friend was still there when I noticed it was missing from my album after a recent meme deletion spree. lol

    starman2112 , avatar

    Imo there should be options for standard deletion and total deletion. Standard is faster, puts less wear on the drive, and keeps the files potentially recoverable, whole total would make it totally unrecoverable at the expense of taking slightly longer and putting a bit more wear on the drive

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