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10 Lovecraft Stories That Need Modern Movie Adaptations ( )

There is something fun and sinister about a well done lovecraftian style story. If you don't mind that sort of thing I HIGHLY recommend "The Void" during your halloween times. It is very lovecraftian and works on a lot of levels. To me "Event Horizon" also has that feel. As long as the stories play up the creep factor over the...

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A couple of really short, simple stories that would be dead easy and cheap to adapt:

The Statement of Randolph Carter:

Cool Air:

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I am so sorry you're going through this, but maybe this will help:

For the dudes out there who need to relate:

I watched Fury Road and Furiosa back to back and I noticed something interesting. (Spoilers inside, obviously.)

It seems to me that George Miller agrees with the fan belief that the Mad Max films are a series of tales rather than a chronology or anything like that, because there are some huge discontinuities, and I am fairly sure that is intentional. You may dispute this, but you will have to come up with some convoluted explanations for...

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I mean, going back to Beyond Thunderdome, the whole notion of storytelling and oral tradition was huge.


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An international airline, based in Ireland, with Irish labor issues, primarily impacting flights throughout Europe. ;)

"The flights affected include short-haul flights from Dublin to Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam, Lyons, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Rome, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Manchester, Munich and Vienna, as well as short-haul flights from Cork to Heathrow.

Long-haul fights from Dublin to New York JFK are also hit.

"This will impact approximately 4,000 customers per day and 20,000 customers over the course of the five days,” Aer Lingus said."

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Seems like they missed a trick... Pocket Pentium. :)

Why not serve fried chicken on Juneteenth? How is it different from serving corned beef on St. Patrick’s day? ( )

Disclaimer: I am not trolling, I am an autistic person who doesn’t understand so many social nuances. Also I am from New Hampshire (97% white), so I just don’t have any close African-American friends that I am willing to risk asking such a loaded question.

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Fried chicken and watermelon is a meal imposed by oppressors, and used to dehumanize a people.

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That's consistent with my office, plus a hiring freeze so nobody new coming in.

Fortunately, for me, my cardiologist told them to pound sand. Working from home now since 2018.

Netanyahu: US promised to lift hold on ammunition, weapons ( )

The United States is expected to lift its hold on the shipment of ammunition and weapons designated for the IDF, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office said on Tuesday, just one day after the Israeli leader accused the Biden administration of preventing the delivery of those arms....

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Removed, civility. Tempted to throw a temp ban for "Your" as well.

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Nope, informing you of the rules, read the sidebar.

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"Starpery's vision extends beyond companionship. Their roadmap includes:

Developing versatile robots capable of tackling household chores.

Assisting individuals with disabilities.

Providing much-needed aged care."

"No, no... see... it's not a 'sexbot', it does the cleaning too!"

"This is not the argument you think it is..."

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Somebody needs to tell them about Buick in China.

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I would do that only have it send my wife random links from Aww, Funny, and Weird News.

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It's been nice not getting a cold or the flu for a couple of years...

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I used to kid about "You know, it's only a matter if time before someone starts talking about a 'final solution to 'the Palestinian problem'." And yet, here we are...

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I used to work at a place that made envelopes and printed forms.

Fascinating seeing 12 foot tall stacks of rolls of paper.

How to make an old USB brother laser printer wireless?

I have an old Brother laser printer that's been doing fine and doesn't need to be replaced, but it only supports USB. Is there a device besides an old computer/laptop that would make it a shared wireless printer that supports windows machines well? I'm pretty sure i could come up with something myself, but i would prefer an...

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A lot of wifi routers have a USB port on them, connect the printer straight to the router, enjoy your wireless printer.

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Was a big cross country scandal a few years back. They were doing the whole social influencer/van life bullshit, but it was an abusive relationship.

She turned up dead, he went missing then was found dead.

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I have continual health challenges so I'd focus on "not being dead". Then sleep a lot more.

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Started out with, then when they had major downtime, I started on kbin, but when I couldn't use that with my preffered lemmy app, I spun up which is now my main.

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"The latest heatwave has seen temperatures in New Delhi match the capital’s previous record high: 49.2 deg C clocked in 2022."

120°F! Fuck me! That's like walking around in a latte!

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Maybe not ENTIRELY helpful, but I got this with Google translate:

I can confirm:


(there are recordings for him on YouTube!)


The Wiki for Bunin seems to have another photo from the same set:

Identified as members of the writers group "Sreda", 1902.

L. Andreev:

(looks more like the guy above him though)


The last name Google Translate did not pick up is Чирико which translates as Chirico. The photo doesn't line up for this guy, but the era and group of people would:

Sergigig found a much more likely candidate based on the photo:

Скиталецъ or "Wanderer" was his pen name. Stepan Gavrilovich Petrov.

Has the same photo as the Bunin wiki.

I can't get anything on "Telesheg" or "Teleshev" or the one that translates out as "Found".

Edit from Sprink's comment below, "Found", or Найдёнов, is Naydyonov, the pen name of Sergey Alexandrovich Alexeyev:

Sergigig also found Teleshov:

I think that's everyone now?

More on the literary group Sreda with a membership list(!)

Alternate photos:

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Yeah, your guy for Chirikov looks way more likely than the one I found.

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Teleshov makes more sense given the writers in the room.

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Sorry, I can't take this guy seriously. His first two complaints boil down to "I couldn't suspend my disbelief". Got it. That's not a flaw in the film, that's a flaw between your ears.

I haven't seen the film, I'm of the camp that Fury Road was fine, it wasn't Oscar worthy or anything, but it was fine.

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I, as a male, have had multiple women ask me how we ride bikes without smashing our balls.

Been married for years when my wife asked me that... "How do you sit down?"


How many times have you seen me naked now?

Israel rescues 4 hostages taken in Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, and 210 Palestinians are reported killed ( )

DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel on Saturday carried out its largest hostage rescue operation since the latest war with Hamas began, taking four to safety out of central Gaza amid the military’s heavy air and ground assault. At least 210 dead Palestinians, including children, were brought to local hospitals, a health...

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You're half right... no US troops were involved.

"The United States, one of Israel's largest allies, provided support to the Israeli forces, two U.S. officials confirmed to CBS News on Saturday. The U.S. military did not participate in the operation, a U.S. official said.

The U.S. role came mainly in the form of intelligence support, two U.S. officials confirmed to CBS News, but they declined to share sensitive details regarding the operation."

UN adds Israel to blacklist for harming children in conflict zones ( )

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has notified Israel’s Defence Attache in the United States, Major General Hidai Zilberman, of his decision to add Israel to the blacklist of countries and organisations harming children in conflict zones....

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Killing innocent civilians should never be a valid response to the killing of innocent civilians.

Israel absolutely had a right to respond, they don't have the right to kill thousands of non-combatants and displace 1.7 million people.

Unfortunately, this sort of over-response is how Israel reacts to the Palestinians.

"Oh, we caught you throwing rocks? Yeah, we're going to bulldoze your house."

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Israel is not only starving Gazans, they've BEEN starving Gazans for DECADES.

That's been the whole point of the blockade.

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Picked up by Disney+.

They ran a series of specials between 11/25 and 12/9 2023, ending with the new regeneration.

Then they re-numbered the current season as "Season 1" starting with "The Church on Ruby Road", which was the 2023 Christmas episode.

Is it theoretically possible for Windows 11 to delete pirated content on your PC?

I heard Windows 11 has been updated to take screenshots of your computer. Is it theoretically possible for them to delete content from your PC or external hard drives if they can determine that you have pirated content on them? Can they theoretically report you for it? I know it's unlikely but is it still possible? I'm thinking...

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I would be more concerned about it deleting legally owned content that, for whatever reason, is no longer licensed.

For example:

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