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This week I've been manly reading, no. 157.

Seicho Matsumoto's 65yr old crime novel, Point Zero (1959/2024) is presented as the (reported) inner monologue of the wife of a missing man trying to understand his disappearance (just weeks after they have an arranged marriage). Written with a keen sense of post-war Japan, the story swirls around & around leading the reader to draw out the solution to the mystery some time before the protagonist. Lightish, but an enjoyable read.


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@ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon i like the notion of manly reading though I'm not quite sure what it entails

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I am so HAPPY I have a virus! And I know most of you won’t understand why straight away…

I thought my chronic illness was showing a new longer-term pattern of decline. But it isn’t! It was a virus that is only now showing up and being obvious. It means my chronic illness “decline” was actually it just flaring up alongside the virus, like it usually does when I get a virus.

I’m so “happy”!! Haha!! I mean… technically, I’m just relieved, but the relief is MASSIVE so I’m actually happy. Which is weird! I guess my happiness-ometer works differently to most?!

@mecfs @actuallyautistic


I shared the above because I want to share some ‘positive’ news. If you’re cool with that - thank you! If you’re still confused, here is more context that a few people will benefit from:

[Someone will feel compelled to educate me about how viruses are not harmless. If they do, here’s what you’ve got to know: and all this is said in a light-hearted jest-ful tone, but also with seriousness. I have ME/CFS which is very likely a post-viral syndrome just like long covid, except there’s no way of knowing which virus did it. I do not WANT viruses; that is not the point of the above statement. It’s that I used to be literally housebound for years but have maintained ‘mild’ ME/CFS for years since and was terrified of going BACK to that. Yes, I’ve had covid and vaccines and thankfully I’ve recovered from them all and know not everyone does… catching viruses is NOT a sport I took up 😜 I don’t go out mingling trying to attract viruses like swiping right on a dating app… I’m careful, in my own way, and in all honesty I barely go out, especially compared to people who commute to work daily. No, masks aren’t 100% effective but they’re damn good! No, I won’t be going out mingling to pass on this virus. Hoping I have covered everything that an internet “educator” might say.]

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@AnAutieAtUni @mecfs @actuallyautistic
In the very strange way that this is, congratulations and hopefully get better soon 😊

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Do you have any clothing routines? I own eight gray plain t-shirts with no tags which I love. I often will just wear them over and over again.


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@autism101 @actuallyautistic
I Have A System. 😄

I divide my clothes into strata — decorating, gardening, kicking around the house, shopping, meeting friends, formal — and wear whatever I find first from the stratum I need. I have several similar-looking shirts, so I make sure that today's shirt doesn't look too similar to yesterday's, so that no one thinks I rewear them without laundering them.

Jeans and sweatshirts do get reworn. As a result, I'll have two or sometimes three on the go at once. My bedside chair is a mess.

Demoting clothes to a lower stratum when they're no longer pristine always feels profligate. And I have far more decorating shirts than I need, given how little decorating I do!

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@nddev @autism101 @actuallyautistic I'm similar in my approach. I have various sartorial levels ranging from comfortable/scruffy to smart/bit oppressive.

My day to day work attire is the "smarter side of smart casual" with a collection of cravats, smart shirts and suits.

But at weekends I wear jeans and T-shirts. Although which shirt/T-shirt I wear is inconsequential. Whatever is next in the clean pile will do.

My clothes are such that I don't really need to worry much about clashing colours

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The Israeli far-right government has circumvented Israeli laws to facilitate the closure and ban of any journalistic institution that exposes the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation army in Gaza. Extremist ministers are also pushing for the expansion of this law to include the occupied West Bank.

Do not expect anything other than possibly some empty words from the "world leaders" against these outrageous fascist rules in the "only democracy in the middle east".

@palestine @israel

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Israel is like the throne of shit in the palace made of lies.

@palestine @israel

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Book Challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers. Book One: @bookstodon

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    @bookstodon that greatly influenced you, Day Two:

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    @bookstodon that greatly influenced you, Day Three:

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    I've been thinking of finally reading some Stephen King, but no idea where to start.

    Go for one of the likes of his famous work, like the Shining or the Green Mile? Or something lesser known?


    StonerMetal , avatar

    @peachfront @LincolnRamirez @bookstodon
    Generally if I’m introducing someone to Stephen King books, I recommend Pet Sematary or Cujo. Those two books, to me seem a bit more approachable

    peachfront , avatar

    @StonerMetal @LincolnRamirez @bookstodon

    those are both great suggestions, i almost suggested Cujo...

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    @actuallyautistic what are everyone’s thoughts on signing cards (birthday, etc.) at work, where you do not really know the person, but there is an implied expectation that you do so

    filmfreak75 OP , avatar

    @fishidwardrobe @actuallyautistic true, but it still feels insincere

    fishidwardrobe , avatar

    @filmfreak75 @actuallyautistic I find that very little about work -- or at least the social aspect of work -- is anything close to sincere.

    I look at the signing thing as camouflage. I do the team lottery, too, and the sweepstake at Grand National time.

    I draw the line at Secret Santa. ::shudder::

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    This powerful, hope-imparting 12-minute overview from gave me back my foundation.

    It reminded me of my personal responsibility to support election workers, court workers, and others who are doing the dangerous job of keeping our system functioning.

    It reminded me not to be cowed.

    If it does the same for you, maybe this so others get the same inspiration.

    @uspolitics @politicalscience @DemocracyMattersALot @DefendDemocracy

    kallemp , avatar

    @YusufToropov @GottaLaff @Nonilex @uspolitics @politicalscience @DemocracyMattersALot @DefendDemocracy
    Is this that woman who said the jab would stop the bug? A bit too compromised even to monitor for propaganda trends.

    faab64 ,

    @GottaLaff @Nonilex @YusufToropov @DefendDemocracy @DemocracyMattersALot @uspolitics Can you guys add hashtag to your posts so I can filter them? Really hate having my stream filled with US internal politics.

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    A GORGEOUS retelling of the historical events of Spanish conquistadors under Hernán Cortés entering Tenochtitlan and the court of emperor Moctezuma.

    This novella reimagines a complex world that many of us have some passing familiarity with. It's trippy hallucinogenic; it thrives in court politics and religious variety, color, aroma.

    Think multicultural Game of Throes meets Hunter S. Thompson packed into a tight 220 pages. TIP: Don't skip the author's notes to the translator. @bookstodon

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    @farbel @bookstodon Not yet; this is my first by the author. How did you like it?

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    @patl @bookstodon I haven't read it either. This one was gifted to me by a friend who had just read it.

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    @plink @palestine @israel The problem isnt Israel, it is jews.

    ViXY_DBC , avatar

    @plink @palestine @israel

    ICC never indicted anyone in the west. This is first time it tries.

    Blame "law-makers" all you want, they are just following the truth: ICC is suppose to be a tool for them, it never had any credibility to begin with.

    faab64 , to palestine group

    It didn't start on October 7, 2023!

    @palestine @israel

    Ronial ,

    @faab64 @palestine @israel

    Yes, everybody knew it.

    faab64 OP ,

    @Ronial Not according to propagandists on social and MS media.

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    / US House passes Republican bill to sanction International Criminal Court over Israel

    the U.S. House of Representatives passed a Republican-backed bill aimed at sanctioning the ICC over its investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Israel in the Palestinian territories. The bill, which still needs to pass the Senate and be signed into law, has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the U.S. commitment to international justice.


    oatmeal OP , avatar

    @trdebunked did you see the title “Illegitimate” “Court Counteraction Act” 🙄 Freudian almost


    trdebunked , avatar

    @oatmeal @israel @palestine

    i mean theres almost no line between government and propaganda at this point. its all murder, blackmail and gaslighting.

    faab64 , to palestine group

    Israeli Jewish-supremacist Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir: "Every house in has a picture of Al-Aqsa Mosque. We must break into their holiest site."

    Why isn't this monster sanctioned by the western leaders? How far does he need to go before they take action against this JewishLKK leader?

    Can we treat this monster like holocaust deniers at least?or is it too much to ask?

    @palestine @israel

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    @faab64 @palestine @israel I'm from Mexico. Almost all the important churches built in colonial times were built on top of prehispanic religious centers ("pyramids"). The main cathedral in Mexico city was built atop the so called "Major Temple" (temple mayor) and there are some churches, like the one at Cholula, where you can see the base of the "pyramid" beneath the catholic church.

    faab64 OP ,

    @argumento don't waste your time with this shit for brain idiot, he is so stupid who thinks Mecca is in Iran 😀

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    Everytime I stand in front of the door and frantically search for the keys in my bag, all that makes me panic, pushes me to the verge of tears - even though it is not such a big deal because I’m not in a hurry and if anything, the concierge has a spare pair.
    So, naturally, my brain tries to compensate for a possible fail - and every time I walk home, I feel almost unbeatable urge to get my keys out of my bag to my hand when I am still like 200 meters from home.
    I suppose, it’s the same overcompensation mechanism that makes me come to airport at least two hours before the departure and to a train station at least an hour before, buy spares of essentials each time a bottle starts feeling not full, or always have a stocked pantry(though there may be multiple of ones and none of others as I always forget to check what I have before going to the store)

    Is this exaggerated(to the point of creating problems) ‘better safe than sorry’ something people are more prone to? Do you guys also do that?

    pathfinder , avatar

    @olena @actuallyautistic
    All the time. Although I've also incorporated this tendancy into my, "how not to forget something" routines.

    Susan60 , avatar

    @olena @actuallyautistic

    I can definitely relate, and can also see this in my partner. (I’m happy to get to the airport at the recommended time, early but not stupidly do, but he’d rather get there at least an hour earlier again.)

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