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Ship sunk by Houthis threatens Red Sea environment, Yemeni government says (

ADEN, Yemen, March 2 (Reuters) - The UK-owned Rubymar, attacked by Houthi militants last month, has sunk in the Red Sea, Yemen's internationally recognised government said on Saturday, warning of an "environmental catastrophe" from the ship's cargo of fertiliser....

'Settlers are right': The kibbutz movement should break away from the left, leader says (

"The settlers aren't wrong. The right is correct: That is the way to seize and hold land, and their claim that, any place we Israelis leave, the Arabs will come in our place, is correct. The right is also correct in its path: It's by settlement and only by settlement that sovereignty can be imposed. The debate is whether...

See VIDEO of Attack: Ukraine War || Please Give ukraine more air defence systems - Zelenskyy tell West (

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on partners to provide additional air defence systems and missiles for Ukraine after a Russian attack on Odesa on the night of 1-2 March, when at least two people were killed......

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