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Masha du Toit, #writer of #ScienceFiction and #Fantasy, living in Cape Town, South Africa. #Autistic, Afrikaans, and #nonbinary 🙂

Post about #ThingsISaw, am fascinated by #etymology, love #cycling, have pet #rats, fan of #criticalrole. #fedi22 cover

Retired deep state IC/civil servant. Scientific & technical intelligence re pandemic threats, chem/bio weapons, bioscience, emerging tech; personal staff of senior GOs; tech writer, speech writer, senior editor; also worked at various analytic & research labs. Today I hike, cook, read & watch #scifi. Degrees in biology & strategic intelligence. Currently in N. Alabama :( #veteran #atheist #antifascist #natsec #fedi22 🌻
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Just a random fediverse user who likes making games.

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¹ Recent books:

tech - OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems, DNSSEC Mastery 2/e
Fantasy - Prohibition Orcs
Mystery - $ git sync murder
Collection: Apocalypse Moi

Pet rats. Martial arts. Punch Nazis & terfs. If it wasn't on Industrial Records it's not industrial music, it's just sparkling noise. He/him. Bangpath old. Gelato! cover

FOSS and Linux lover, always exploring the latest open-source wonders.🐧✨

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Canadian, eh

#socialjustice #politics #climatecrisis #alternatetransportation #art #music #science #nevervoteconservative #health #space

NOTE: Racists and anti-LGBTQ+ will be BLOCKED

Democracy is fragile- let's protect it.
Mask up-Covid is real!

Keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out.

Profile picture is two hands holding up a neon sign that spells out " hello there".
Header picture is an abstract of brightly coloured bubbles in blue, orange, yellow and red

Some middle-aged guy on the Internet. Seen a lot of it, occasionally regurgitates it, trying to be amusing and informative.

Lurked Digg until v4. Commented on Reddit (same username) until it went full Musk.

Is on but created this profile on during a week-long outage.

Other Adjectives: Neurodivergent; Nerd; Broken; British; Ally; Leftish cover


An invincible wolf man, who is like a wolf in every regard save for the fact that he can fly.

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No one compares You stand alone To every record I own Music to my heart That’s what you are A song that goes on and on

I’m honored you are taking this time to review my posts and add downvotes. I’m sure your life is fulfilling.

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