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Need advice on new sensory friendly office shoes

I just started interning and it's my first office job (Yay!) but most of the clothes I feel comfortable wearing are not really office attire. Especially shoes. I have no "appropriate" shoes because shoes have always been a particular source of sensory issues so I wear the same black pair of mesh trainers. I have to commute in a...

Those with executive function issues and who take atomoxetine, did/do you go to therapy or do any meditation technique? Did/do you notice ED improvements with that combination? ( )

Just what the title says. I'm taking atomoxetine since 13 months, and this week will be my first psychological session. I've severe ED issues, to the point I can't do almost anything productive (including meditation itself), no matter how much I want to.

How do you stop making excuses?

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the issue of making excuses for everything. I don't just mean excusing your unfinished chores by saying "I have ADHD", I mean excuses and fabrications in general - at work, you might say you're nearly finished with a project, but really you're halfway done at best, at home you might say you...

Anxiety and depression on Vyvanse

I recently started taking Vyvanse, it's been about a week. It really does make things easier to do. Previously I had taken it for about a week and everything was going well but then I started getting anxious and depressed. Quit it for a while, started it up again and the same thing is happening. Anybody else experienced...

A watched pot never boils

I was in the middle of something in another room and it occurred to me that this familiar expression could be adapted for ADHD: A watched pot never catches fire. Good reminder to exercise a little extra caution in the everyday tasks that get boring but are still dangerous if you get complacent. Driving, cooking, poking around...

Finding motivation when ahead

Recently, I've noticed a pattern where I work extremely hard when I'm catching up on things or behind in some way. However, the moment I create a comfortable lead in life, I proceed to waste the next few days until its gone. All drive is gone, even if I have ideas of things I can do to move forward. Is there any advice anyone...

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