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Viking_Hippie , (edited )

Yeah, the NYT also stands by all its "reporting" of whatever the spokespeople of cops want them to say, so I'd take their assurances and protestations of editorial integrity with about this much salt:

Viking_Hippie ,

OP's post and yours worked for me, but it never hurts to have redundancy.

Viking_Hippie ,

My (lack of) religion's attitude towards all religions:

Viking_Hippie ,

My best friend already has been for a little over a decade and he's going to officiate my eventual wedding 😁

Shkshkshk , to 196 avatar
Viking_Hippie ,

"Eating salad " is WILDLY different from my definition of "getting treats" tbh..

Adorable little guys, though ❤️

Viking_Hippie ,

we’re the world police.

And ACAB applies to governments too.

Viking_Hippie ,

I've read about it from several different sources including Al Jazeera quoting the Hamas estimate and nowhere did they claim "thousands mowed down". AFAIR the highest count Ive seen until now was 40-something.

I agree that any number of people killed while lined up for emergency food aid over 0 is absolutely unconscionable, of course, in case there's any doubt.

Viking_Hippie ,

If any other Middle Eastern country had done a TENTH of what the Israeli government has done and continues to do, the US would have invaded long ago.

I'm not saying they ever SHOULD, mind you, just pointing out the immense hypocrisy on top of the enabling of genocide.

Jinjer - Judgement & Punishment (Tatiana Schmayluk one take vocal performance) (

Since you guys liked Pisces and were (rightly) impressed by Tatiana's vocals, here's a video of her doing another great song of theirs in one amazing take, switching seamlessly between at least three discrete modes of singing several times ❤️

Viking_Hippie OP , (edited )

Yeah, I have! I personally prefer Tatiana's false fold style to Courtney's vocal fry style but you're absolutely right that they're both amazing at the transitions AND the different styles they transition between!

Was so happy to see Spiritbox being nominated for a metal Grammy this year btw!

Metallica won, as the rules apparently say that they have to every time they're nominated, but still!

Viking_Hippie , (edited )

He fucking love the product! He told me so himself!

Viking_Hippie OP ,

I kinda do since this is expressly a community for literally anything, which includes political memes, but ok. I will after this one.

Viking_Hippie OP ,

Yeah, that's a better idea. They're not the boss of me now and furthermore they're not so big.

Viking_Hippie OP ,

Nah, the short form is Boo, which she and Perjury Greene reminded their colleagues of rather enthusiastically during that one State of the Nation address (pictured)

Viking_Hippie OP ,

Oh man, the amount of time I wasted on that stupid Facebook game.. Good times 😄

Viking_Hippie ,

In related news, today would have been the 58th birthday of composer Giachino Rossini (1792-1868)

Viking_Hippie ,

Yeah, better to go for someone like former cricket player Gavin Stevens (b 1932) who turns 23 today!

Viking_Hippie ,

First they came for the muslims and conservative Christians fucked around and cheered so hard they jizzed in their jorts.

Then they started finding out.

Viking_Hippie ,

Yep! A group of people hand picked by a guy born when the Turing Machine was considered exciting new tech is EXACTLY who to listen to about software development!

Viking_Hippie OP ,

Absolutely! Tatiana is an absolute BEAST at both the screams and the cleans! Probably one of if not THE best false fold vocalists in the world! And the rest of the band are pretty damn good too!

Btw, if you're into reaction videos, this song has some of the best ones for obvious reasons 😁

If you're looking for a good reacter youtuber (especially if you, like me, prefer vocal coach reactions) this one and the two I'm about to post (Ghost Love Score by Nightwish and Oogie Boogie's Song by Voiceplay) are 3 of the very best "barometers" possible and also some of my personal favorite songs 😁

Viking_Hippie OP ,

You're so very welcome! Always happy to introduce people to excellence 😁❤️

Viking_Hippie ,

With absolutely no apologies for the punnery: sahweet!

Viking_Hippie OP ,

I'm not really on board with all this indiscriminate killing

VERY controversial opinion! It's a good thing this is a safe space where saying such things won't cost you your livelihood!

Viking_Hippie OP ,

With all due respect, which is none, fuck off with that false dichotomy.

They didn't say that they weren't going to vote, they said that they were worried that Biden will lose because he's doing things that people hate and refusing to do things that people need.

It's the job of a politician to earn votes. It's not the job of voters to meekly fall in line as long as the other candidate is worse.

Yours is the kind of condescending ideological cowardice that got us to this awful point in the first place.

Viking_Hippie OP ,

That's what I've been trying to tell people for almost two decades: the UN isn't inherently ineffective, but the Big 5 makes it so by vetoing almost every important resolution.

If we take away that veto and grant the UN real enforcement power, it could make the world a much better place for the vast majority of humanity.

The 5 and the billionaires whose interests align with them would never permit such justice, though 😮‍💨

Viking_Hippie OP ,

Not according to sane people, no. According to unhinged mecha-zionists on the other hand..

Ironically, equating the actions of the Israeli government with all of Jewdom is itself EXTREMELY antisemitic.

Viking_Hippie ,

In Tolkien stories, all the good guys are liberals. Saruman and his uruk-hai are perhaps the most leftist things there are in those stories.

Welp, that's simultaneously the most "Enlightened Centrist" thing and the most batshit crazy dumb as a rock thing I've read in 2024 so far!

Donald Trump himself has less stupid takes than that!

Viking_Hippie ,

Why don't people sue gun manufacturers every time somebody is murdered?

Because gun makers lobbied congress to make it specifically illegal to do so. Even though unscrupulous practices by said gun lobby is responsible for probably hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

Or vehicle manufacturers each time an accident happens?

They get sued for accidents caused by defects quite often.

Why don't they sue PC manufacturers for producing the hardware that led to the emulator?

This one is perfectly analogous to the Nintendo tomfoolery, though.

Suing Yuzu for piracy seems incredibly fucking stupid and nonsensical, but I'm sure the Neanderthals in the courtroom will side with Nintendo.

Happened with Mega and countless torrent sites so yeah, you're probably right 😮‍💨

Viking_Hippie ,

If anyone or anything is facilitating piracy of Nintendo games on an enormous scale, it's the asinine anti-consumer policies of Nintendo themselves.

Viking_Hippie ,

Because the deal was ridiculous.

Israel is offering a temporary pause in exchange for all of the hostages while Netanyahu is saying that the invasion and resulting massacre in Rafah is still going to happen no matter what.

I don't in any way condone the many atrocities of Hamas, but they'd be absolute idiots to give up their only leverage for basically nothing.

That the NYT is framing the refusal of an absolutely preposterous deal as a sign of Hamas wanting to continue the violence (which they absolutely do) while the Israeli government is making good faith attempts at peace (which it absolutely is NOT) is hardly surprising, though, given their general anti-palestinian bias.

Viking_Hippie ,

What's gross is acceptance of the idea that Hamas has 'leverage" because they took hostages

You don't have to like reality to understand it. The taking of innocent civilians as hostage is one of the many atrocities of Hamas that I unequivocally condemn. That doesn't change the reality that those poor people ARE leverage in the negotiations, just like innocently imprisoned and tortured Palestinians are for the Israeli government.

I take issue with the idea that taking hostages gives you leverage on anything, in any permanent sense.

Again, acknowledging isn't endorsing.

If Israel's actions confirm anything (other than that they are just as capable of visiting the same atrocities on others as any humans are) it's that

It's what, exactly? That hostages aren't used as leverage in ceasefire talks? Because Israel has leveraged innocently imprisoned Palestinians in every single ceasefire negotiation since the first one.

Show me what their actions have "levered" and I will show you a ruined land with a fast increasing body count. Way to apply yourselves champs.

Again completely missing the point in your quest to paint me and others as superfans of kidnapping as a political tactic.

It makes you a target. Period.

Being a Palestinian in Gaza (and to a lesser but still atrocious degree the West Bank) makes you a target. Period. No atrocities committed by Hamas necessary. Those are pretenses for what the fascist Netanyahu government already wanted to do, not the actual reasons.

One deserving of retribution

Now who's being fucking gross? To say, knowing full well what Israeli government "retribution" looks like, that anyone could possibly deserve it is callously vengeful to the point of abhorrent bloodthirst.

You don't ever, ever get to walk away from that

Don't worry, at the very least double as many innocent Palestinian civilians as Hamas terrorists won't.

you don't get to claim you have leverage

Again with this complete ignorance of how ceasefire negotiations work, especially in THIS particular 75 year long conflict.

QE motherfucking D.

You have demonstrated nothing except your own ignorance and cocksure belief in the infallibility of your poor understanding.

Viking_Hippie ,

Seems about the least safe way you could possibly do it tbh

‘Good One, Matt!’: State Dept Spokesman Bursts Into Laughter After Reporter Cracks Joke About U.S. Invading ‘Sovereign’ Countries (

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller burst into laughter after a reporter interrupted his claim that the U.S. government does not “dictate to any country what it must do” with the comment, “Unless you invade them.”

Viking_Hippie , (edited )

Could they maybe make their own decisions WITHOUT United States weapons and money being shoveled at the genocide like coal into a steam locomotive?

No? Then stfu about just being a neutral arbiter.

Viking_Hippie ,

Maguire sitting in the back sulking that both of his suggestions (Tobey of Rights and Spidey of Rights) were rejected without so much as a voice vote.

Viking_Hippie ,

Bottom gear is when you smuggle drugs in your most private compartment.

Viking_Hippie ,
Viking_Hippie ,

Yeah, vegans aren't known for their sense of humor and that goes double for the ones here on Lemmy lol.

I'll have you know, though, that while I'm a hippie in the "far left anti-authoritarian pacifist" way, I am not nor would I ever abstain from meat and cheese, so my farts remain glorious! 😁

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