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AutoForge - Game that combines Terraria with Factorio?

Just came across this game, and seems like a very good game for people who are into Terraria and or Factioro, as this seems to be a mix of the two. Quite the smart idea if you ask me. The planned Release Date is 27 Mar, 2024, however there is a Demo available on Steam already. I've never played Factorio so dont judge me to...

Epic Games reportedly hit by 189GB hack, including login and payment info (

The report comes from Cyber Daily, who also broke the news of last year's confirmed hack attack on Insomniac Games. The site claims that new ransomware group Mogilevich are the culprits, as per the screencap of a darkweb posting above, and that the hackers are now trying to get Epic or another party to pay up for the return of...

Remedy acquires full rights to the Control franchise from 505 (

Today, on February 28, nearly five years after Control’s initial launch, Remedy Entertainment, the team behind the Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control series, released an announcement regarding a deal between them and 505 Games, detailing a full transition to Remedy acquiring full rights to the franchise. While Remedy...

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