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I have a level that is a tribute to The Stanley Parable in my game, here is my progress. Any feedback? ( )

My game is called Do Not Press The Button (To Delete The Multiverse) and in it I have a multiverse called A Universe Where This Game Was Made By People With Actual talent and it's a "What If" the Crow Crows Crows guy made my game. I think it's turning out good. What do you think? Here is my Steam Page

Cherry blossoms, mecha, and cute anime girls? – Sakura Wars / Taisen (Sega Saturn) ( )

Sakura Wars is set in a Steampunk Tokyo, in the 1920s, protected by a mysterious Imperial Assault Troop. The male protagonist, Ichiro Ogami, an Imperial Japanese Navy Ensign, is transferred to the Flower Division in order to become its captain. As he arrives at the Grand Imperial Theater, the theater manager, Ikki Yoneda, tells...

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