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People are saying this trailer has some spoilers so I'm not watching it. I can't be more excited to get into it myself!

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Most of the reviews I've seen so far are a bit lukewarm. Performance and bettery is good, but they're barely better than what Intel and AMD offer. They promised 20+ hours battery life, we get around 12-13 which is in line with other chips.

The screenshots in the article are from Dave2D's video which compared gaming laptops to the X Elite. Laptops without a dedicated GPU could outperform it in battery, and are usually cheaper. Not to mention the new generation of chips are reportedly way more efficient. Kind of underwhelming.

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The people working on Snapdragon X Elite are supposedly the same people that worked on the M1 and M2 chips. They made their own company to make ARM chips before being acquired by qualcomm. I was hoping for similar gains...

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**Spoiler-free TL;DR: ** It's more Elden Ring so you already know what to expect. The lower end of scores complain about re-used enemies and overly difficult bosses, but overall reviews are very positive. Two days left!

Elden Ring Twitter warns of DLC spoilers being posted everywhere

I saw a tiny bit and they seem legit, they gave content creators early access to the DLC and now there's a lot of gameplay, bosses, and story being spoiled on social media. Be careful out there.

Greetings, Tarnished. With the release of the expansion of elden ring, shadow of the erdtree, please be mindful of spoilers for those who want to tread into the realm of shadow with nothing but their determination and their minds unclouded. Thank you for your cooperation.
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This is literally a civilization trade offer

"I offer: 2 meat. You give me: space-age technology I don't know yet."

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One DLC (this one), one remake of Sands of Time, and a spinoff called Rogue Prince of Persia.

So basically they're doing anything with the IP instead make a new mainline game.

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The rain and glowing lights make it look more sci-fi than fantasy, in a weird way...

It does look great, though. Someone definitely pushed this out because people were trashing the other trailer

Xbox Games Showcase Deep Dive | Avowed ( )

They finally just let you put points into the primary attributes on level up! Hopefully they carry it through to the next (hopefully) Pillars of Eternity game, because I always took issue with the flat bonuses you got to offense and defense on each level up. Plus the rest of this looks good too.

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New gameplay looks good, a bit nicer than the last time we saw the game. I'm really hopeful.

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🟠🟢🔴🔵 in 41s. Pretty good one, today.

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I don't remember exactly, but I think it was 1 incorrect guess.

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Speaking of not repeating Eternal, I didn't see the chainsaw or any colorful pickups dropping from enemies, which is nice.

Who would win: every human in the world vs. every animal in the world?

I'm thinking the animals would easily defeat us, since trying to get all 8 billion+ humans to agree on a plan of attack would be a near-impossible task. By the time we'd be done trying to coordinate a plan, I figure the lions and cheetahs would have already devoured us, not to mention the larger animals like the elephants....

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If weapons are allowed, we would win by a landslide. If no weapons are allowed, even then I would think the animals would just start killing each other before they even get to us.

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