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, are you missing the feeling of crushing steel beneath your feet? Try your hand at clearing bug holes! With a simple loadout you can increase your nest-clearing speed tenfold!

If you miss the thrill of being surrounded, give this a go!

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, The Harvest is upon us! Pave the way for the new E-710 Production lines!

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! A new Major Order has been received from Super Earth! We have just over 24 hours to Liberate the 3 Terminid planets, Estanu, Crimsica, and Hellmire! However, the forces on Hellmire are currently impeding on the rapid spread of Liberty to Estanu and Crimsica.

Consolidate your forces, Helldivers! Remember the beginning of Phase 4!

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TwitterBox AKA Bird Cage.

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Twitter is called "X" now, so xbox still works.

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