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Human embryos embrace asymmetry to form the body ( )

This study performed lineage tracing of live human embryos from the first cleavage division until the blastocyst stage and discovered that the majority of cells in the EPI, the future human body, originate from one of the two cells in most embryos. The first blastomere to divide at the 2-cell stage has a higher likelihood to generate the first, and more, internalized cells at the 8-to-16-cell stage.
(open access)

Boscrossos ,

Love the science, but first cleavage division is a great band name.

CM400 ,

I was in the 45th cleavage division back in ‘nam.

HootinNHollerin ,
Tomassci , avatar

alternatively, firstcleavagedivision dot tumblr dot com.

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