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Redefining Dementia Treatment: Berkeley Scientists Unveil Promising New Breakthrough (

This research indicates that in neurodegenerative conditions ongoing stress caused by protein aggregation is leading to the death of brain cells. This reports a ubiquitin-dependent mechanism that silences the cellular response to stress. Stress response silencing was found to sustain cell survival even if stress resolution...

Unveiling the Shadow Player: Tau Protein’s Silent Role in Parkinson’s Disease (

The findings challenge the conventional view of Parkinson’s disease pathology, which typically focuses on the protein alpha-synuclein as the classic diagnostic hallmark of the disease. The new study illustrates how tau pathology could be actively involved in the degeneration of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain,...

Embryo loss is integral to IVF. Alabama’s ruling equating embryos with children jeopardizes its practice (

An embryo is one of the earliest stages of development of a multicellular organism. But according to the Supreme Court of Alabama, it is a person, too — an unborn child, entitled to the same legal protections as any minor....

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