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Human embryos embrace asymmetry to form the body ( )

This study performed lineage tracing of live human embryos from the first cleavage division until the blastocyst stage and discovered that the majority of cells in the EPI, the future human body, originate from one of the two cells in most embryos. The first blastomere to divide at the 2-cell stage has a higher likelihood to...

Bebo ,

Oh please do continue the good work! Very cute cat.

New Study Links Complex Jobs to Reduced Risk of Dementia ( )

A cohort study found that individuals who engaged in mentally stimulating jobs during their 30s to 60s were less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia after turning 70, highlighting the importance of cognitive stimulation during midlife for maintaining cognitive function in old age....

Bebo ,

I've been enjoying the launcher 10 launcher on my phone for more than two years now. Whenever I change my launcher, I keep going back to it. I find it to be so productive for my use. And the windows 10 live tiles ui is also great.

Engineering Life: Chemists Have Created the Functional Synthetic Cells That Act Like Real Ones ( )

The engineering of artificial cells requires a reconfigurable cytoskeleton that can organize at distinct locations and dynamically modulate its structural and mechanical properties. This study combines peptide self-assembly with DNA programmability to realize a synthetic cytoskeleton in droplets showing that programmable...

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The Children of Hurin is one of my favourite books. It's been a while since I read it, but I remember I loved it for the beautiful prose and just how sad (and messed up) the story is.

Paedophiles create nude AI images of children to extort from them, says charity | Internet safety | The Guardian ( )

Internet Watch Foundation has found a manual on dark web encouraging criminals to use software tools that remove clothing. The manipulated image could then be used against the child to blackmail them into sending more graphic content, the IWF said.

Inside the 'arms race' between YouTube and ad blockers ( )

From the article: “In some ways, the current situation has spurred an arms race. YouTube has inadvertently improved ad blockers, as the new knowledge and techniques gained from innovating within the YouTube platform are also applicable to other ad and tracking systems.”

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