AFKBRBChocolate ,

At my last upgrade, the new phone asked if I wanted to get stuff from my old phone, then walked me through it. Was a pretty decent amount of data and it didn't take all that long. As i recall, it was Bluetooth, but there was an option to use a cable.

Atomic ,

One by one. With bluetooth.

ASeriesOfPoorChoices ,

for big file transfers, I suggest using ftp.

run an ftp server on one, client on the other, and copy.

I use Solid Explorer.

Veritrax ,

I've done a few multi-thousand photo transfers for people at work and I've found the "thumbnails" folder really screws up the process. Try connecting your old phone to PC, opening the DCIM folder, and transferring just the "Camera" folder to PC, then plug in the new phone and transfer it back.

themachine ,

Copy them to your PC first them to the new phone.

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