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Please Recommend An Alternative To Solid Explorer

I use Solid Explorer a lot. I use it mostly to transfer files from my phone to my Samba network storage. However, in the past couple days, this has randomly stopped working for Solid Explorer and I can no longer connect to my NAS as a guest. I've confirmed that it's a Solid Explorer problem by connecting with Material Files and...

How to see which app is trying to desperately contact

Looking at my Pi-Hole logs, one app is trying hard AF to contact The only issue is, it's my second phone and while most apps are the same as what's on my first, I tried uninstalling a bunch and it's still trying desperately. Does anyone know of a way to find out which app is the culprit?

is this some kind of keylogger? ( )

i recently install a suspicious apps and got worried if its a keylogger or not so i factory reset my phone and set it back up. when i try to add account on my phone i saw these 2 unnamed type account i could log in to(in the picture it says what type of account i want to add is it google account or microsoft or adobe etc) and it...

Google Message Attachment Error

I have a TCL A600DL phone, and recently I've been having issues with Google Messages being able to download images or other attachments. The last time I was able to receive an image without issue was April 26th of this year (2024), but now when I'm sent an image or video and I tap to download it, the icon just continuously loads...

Is there any solution available for controlling the volume without pressing the physical volume buttons ?

So I just bought a OnePlus 12 recently, I was used to controlling volume using the onehand operations goodlock module in my Samsung galaxy S23. I basically never had to press the volume buttons to control the volume unless absolutely necessary....

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