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/ Settlers looted and desecrated food intended for Gaza in front of soldiers, peace activists were attacked, and two trucks were set on fire

Dozens of settlers and far-right Israelis looted yesterday the humanitarian aid trucks making their way to the Strip through the Tarqumiya crossing near Hebron. The humanitarian aid was blocked at two points in the area south and west of Hebron Hill - near the Tarqumiya checkpoint and near the Negohot settlement. After being blocked and looted, two trucks were set on fire near the Tarqumiya checkpoint.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

B'Tselem stated that the looting continued for hours, "in front of soldiers and police officers, as well as security personnel at the crossing, who did not lift a finger to stop the desecration of food. This conduct by the Israeli authorities grossly violates the interim orders of the International Court of Justice, which demanded that Israel allow the supply of humanitarian aid to Gaza."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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@oatmeal @palestine @israel

Destroying food deliveries for a people in dire need already struck by shows a form of ethnonationalistic violence which is out of reach for any moral judgement.

Keeping to oneself and ignoring world hunger is so common as the normality of social darwinism in capitalistic market societies. But taking away food from the hungry and destroying it in front of their eyes is a murderous barbaric aggression

that remains hidden from the general public out of practical reasons

  • it negates everything that value based societies who support Israel's in need to legitimize their imperial dominance.
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/ Israelis beat a Palestinian truck driver because they thought he was transporting aid to the Gaza Strip.​​​​​​​​​

Israeli civilians stopped two trucks in the area of the Givaat Assaf settlement in the occupied West Bank and unloaded their contents, because they thought they were carrying aid to the Gaza Strip. These were regular Palestinian trade trucks, and after the settlers unloaded the goods from them - they set tires on fire and threw a stone that hit one of the drivers in the head. and Border Police forces are present at the scene.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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@oatmeal @palestine @israel Parallels with 1930s Germany are remarkable.

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@DropBear @oatmeal @palestine @israel I have no words. Are the majority of Israelis supporting this violence? Do they know what’s going on? Or do they just not care?

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Last time I checked, aabout 80% of Israelis considered the IOF conduct as moral, and didn't thought the IOF was using too much firepower in the strip.

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@happymilk @DropBear It sums up the brutality and cruelty of humans. You dehumanize your neighbors, and you can do anything to them. Europe, Balkans, Japan, Rwanda, Cambodia, Sudan, and on and on. Even the descendants of Holocaust and pogroms are no exception. Humans are cursed…. I wonder whether one day they will realize what they have done. Or will they never look at themselves in the mirror?

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"A land without people for a people without a land" that's the catch-cry of Israeli Zionism. From the beginning, they denied the existence of Palestinians. Evidently, the intent was always to eliminate the existing population.

This is Tel Aviv born Jewish Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, speaking in 2015:


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Israeli society is acutely diseased @JapanProf
They indoctrinate their children from an early age.

Things like this sadden me deeply:
The video is horrifying, but has been fact-checked and substantiated. It is what it appears to be.

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@JapanProf @DropBear @oatmeal @palestine @israel the only possible explanation that occurs to me is that because their education system puts so much emphasis on the abuses by the nazis and other populations against the Jews that they have unintentionally normalised such behaviour and desensitised the Jewish population to horrific levels of murder and violence.

People brought up to believe violence and killing and cruelty is normal will use violence, killing and inhumane cruelty themselves.

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I think it's more fundamental than that @peterbrown
From the beginning in the 19th century, when those who eventually created Israel combined aspects of Christian Zionism with aspects of Judaism to create their ideology, they denied the existence of Palestinians. When Palestinians stubbornly continued to exist, that ideology denied their humanity. Eliminating the existing population of Palestine is fundamental to the very essence of Israel.

@JapanProf @oatmeal @palestine @israel

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@DropBear @peterbrown @oatmeal @palestine @israel Here’s an article from Haaretz: “From the First Grade to the Grave, Israelis Are Educated to Dehumanize Palestinians”

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@oatmeal @palestine @israel This is so horrific, I have no words.

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@Justis4u @oatmeal @palestine @israel
This destruction and these war crimes are allowed and witnessed by the . No one stops the citizens.

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Disgusting criminal monsters
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