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Every community I care about is dead

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Love devs' attitude towards piracy, TruePianos v1.9.8 (audio VSTi plugin) ( )

This message showed when I entered the serial specifically made for pirates. Right now feeling nothing but respect for plugin devs. Next month Imma buy this plugin 100% fixed, need it or don't need it doesn't matter anymore lol.

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I feel piracy for demo purposes is fully justified if you buy it after you like it. People always say vote with your wallet but it's more like gambling with your wallet if you don't get to see and touch the product before you make the purchase. Giving proper demos should be more common with digital media.

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Grats on Arch Linux install, S-tier distro for what it attempts to accomplish.

It feels like there needs to be a category in between conservative and paranoid. I'm probably 90% of the way over to tech paranoid but using Tor Browser and Tails is a little much.

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