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Dang, this is really serious. You don't call in leadership from Boeing and NASA unless there are some serious issues to hammer out, that go beyond engineering.

Coke—and Dozens of Others—Pledged to Quit Russia. They’re Still There. ( )

After Vladimir Putin’s troops surged over the Ukrainian border in February 2022, the Coca-Cola Co. was among the first multinationals to pledge it would quit Russia in protest. Aiming to avoid the inevitable headaches of complying with expected Western sanctions on the Kremlin, Coke asked its partners there to pull its cans...

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Businesses are not moral entities, and the sooner people stop expecting them to be, the sooner people can start pushing for regulations that control and limit them, instead of trying to "work with" them.

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We know by now that the economy doing well won't translate into helping us. And any minor benefits we do see will then be hoovered up by landlords, businesses that gatekeep essential goods, and legally-required expenditures like insurance, before we even have any chance to decide for ourselves how to allocate it.

"Hey, SF raised minimum wages by 2.50? Great! That means I can bump the rent on my non rent-controlled properties by a couple hundred bucks next lease! Thanks, SF!"

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Yep, people sadly are bad at extrapolating how restrictions on something they dislike can be cross-applied to limit things they don't dislike, by others.

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People often decry accelerationism, but the reality is that the slow-boiled frog is the one that sits and dies. Chipping away at freedoms, consumer protections, product benefits, etc is all less likely to spark backlash than when they drop sharply in a short time.

That doesn't mean you should help to make things worse, but it does mean that you may want to reconsider constantly mitigating every bad thing that others are doing, rather than letting them shoot themselves in the foot. When people are being hurt, help them. When people are being inconvenienced, let them get angry.

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The EFF's response is right on the money, as usual:

Communications platforms are not comparable to unsafe food, unsafe cars, or cigarettes, all of which are physical products—rather than communications platforms—that can cause physical injury. Government warnings on speech implicate our fundamental rights to speak, to receive information, and to think.

There is no scientific consensus that social media is harmful to children's mental health. Social science shows that social media can help children overcome feelings of isolation and anxiety. This is particularly true for LBGTQ+ teens.

We agree that social media is not perfect, and can have negative impacts on some users, regardless of age. But if Congress is serious about protecting children online, it should enact policies that promote choice in the marketplace and digital literacy. Most importantly, we need comprehensive privacy laws that protect all internet users from predatory data gathering and sales that target us for advertising and abuse.

This warning label announcement just feeds into the right-wing "tech platforms bad, full of librul thought, must protect the kids by surveilling everyone and blocking the harmful (minority-focused) content" agenda.

Keep in mind that this is not happening in a vacuum; many states have already put in place age-verification for sites they deem 'harmful' (and California is considering one as well, so it's not just braindead red states getting in on the surveillance action), and this directly makes the argument that social media spaces (and the speech on them) are harmful, and should be subject to government approval.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

I'm confused. Are Feiglin, Ben-Gvir, and Smotrich not Israeli?

Him quoting Hitler isn't even the main issue in this case (to me), it's really what he's using the quote to justify, which is the expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine/ Gaza, which is, as the article demonstrates, a much more broadly-held viewpoint among Israelis, including ones who unarguably do have a lot of political power.

Lastly, if there are not a lot of public quotes condemning this coming out of Israel, for them to quote, isn't that itself kind of a problem?

t3rmit3 ,

Your [judicial bias] is a heartbreaker!

t3rmit3 ,

Sadly, an uninformed populace is a controlled populace, so this aligns with monied interests very well.

t3rmit3 , (edited )

This is an extreme acceleration of what is happening in the US as well. Any time employment or compensation is based on research outcomes, it is by definition a monetary incentive to doctor your outcomes.

In China this was down to their ranking system and grant eligibility. In the US this usually happens inside companies (see literally the entire history of DuPont and the research they did, or all the research that is funded by Nestle or Petrochemical companies), or in order to secure or keep tenured positions, or retain grants.

Good research needs to be publicly-funded, and devoid (as much as possible , from a methodological standpoint) of desired outcomes.

t3rmit3 ,

Just because something is built out of love does not make it safe, and attestation is about safety. You wouldn't trust an un-attested surgical device, just because there's a really positive community around its design.

Signal is a life-or-death app for some people.

Israel added to UN ‘List of Shame’ for abuses against children in war, joining Palestinian Armed Groups, Russia, Sudanese Forces ( )

For the first time, the United Nations secretary-general added the Israeli armed forces to the “list of shame” of warring parties committing grave violations against children in armed conflict. Although long overdue, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ action was fully justified....

t3rmit3 ,

If nothing else, it's useful to see the double-standard laid so bare.

8,700 child casualties in a 7-year period when there is ostensibly no war going on, but that's not enough to condemn them.

Noticably, that works out to a little more than 1,200 casualties a year, just of children, meaning adult women and men were not even counted.

But of course that specific number is only shocking, and only justifies defensive action, when Hamas does it.

t3rmit3 ,

It was always just a distraction to divert news from asking who was stopping aid getting in, by giving them a narrative about "need to build this pier first". Sleight of hand for propagandists to exploit.

t3rmit3 ,

Also expect them to argue that self defense laws don't apply to women against their husbands.

t3rmit3 ,

Not only humans can use language to impart abstract concepts. Crows have been observed sharing information about danger to crows who are not present to witness the danger themselves, but then successfully recognize it in the future. They've also been found to be able to create tools they have not seen before in order to solve problems.

Koko the gorilla was also famous for her abstract thinking. Others species include dolphins and elephants, and obviously we haven't tested most species out there.

On Tone Policing

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to one of our first philosophical documents- the core principles document, "What is (and isn't) Beehaw". I'm going to zero in on a small portion in the middle of the first part here, because a recent discussion in the LGBTQ+ space got charged and, in a way, where a larger educational or...

t3rmit3 ,

Also, if you do choose to comment something, and you see that the discussion it spawns is not being productive, or is negatively affecting the overall tone in the post, you can always delete or edit it down.

Sometimes the person you're commenting to is not in a mood or headspace for even a good-faith discussion, even if they're not actually venting, even though in another case someone else may have been open to discuss the point, and you can always gracefully retract a comment, or bow out of the discussion.

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"GNU Laughably-Insecure Manipulator Prohibit Sexy Energy"?

t3rmit3 ,

Thing we're unnecessarily shoehorning AI into : Charging a battery

t3rmit3 , (edited )

He's doing the classic anti de-colonization argument of, "well sure we got here illegally, but it would be mean to kick us out now, you'd basically be 'colonizing' us in reverse!"

It's like a home invader saying they chased you out, so they live there now, and now it's you invading their home!

And then of course calling 70 years "ancient history" LMFAO. Guess my dad is "ancient history"!

t3rmit3 ,

You left out the 'N' and the 'tscape Navigator'

Why is Nikki Haley scrawling genocidal messages on Israeli bombs? | Moustafa Bayoumi ( )

...on Tuesday, the former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was all over social media for a picture taken of her during a visit to Israel. In the picture, Haley – the one Republican who had been frequently lauded for her smarts on foreign policy – is seen squatting down in front of a row of Israeli artillery...

German carmaker Volkswagen says forced labour in one of its sub-supplier's plants in China was not identified as 'no full supply chain transparency exists' ( )

- Volkswagen (VW) in 2023 commissioned a deeply flawed audit at a plant in China's Xinjiang province operated by a subsidiary of Volkswagen’s joint venture with SAIC, a Chinese state-owned carmaker....

t3rmit3 ,

VW can demand transparency (e.g. access to supply chain facilities by 3rd party auditors) as a prerequisite to doing business with a partner company. It is absolutely standard to demand that business partners have had 3rd party audits to prove they comply with laws and regulations. This is not some insane ask, this is everyday stuff in the business world.

If a company can't or won't get an auditor to validate that they comply with PCI-DSS, for instance, they're not going to be signed on for processing payment card information by other companies.

And slave labor is a tad bit worse than retaining too many data fields in a credit card for too many days.

t3rmit3 ,

They all could manage that, as they are already managing similar attestation requirements from suppliers e.g. ISO 9000-family controls.

Going Dark: The war on encryption is on the rise. Through a shady collaboration between the US and the EU. ( )

Under the slogan ‘Think of the children’, the European Commission tried to introduce total surveillance of all EU citizens. When the scandal was revealed, it turned out that American tech companies and security services had been involved in the bill, generally known as ‘Chat Control’ – and that the whole thing had been...

t3rmit3 ,

The EU has been good on privacy against other actors. The EU is very bad when it comes to personal privacy from its constituent governments.

Biden is dramatically out of touch with voters on Gaza. He may lose because of it ( )

On the issue of Gaza, Biden is dramatically out of touch with the voters he needs to win re-election. If he will not be moved by morality to stop his support of this war, he should be moved by vulgar self-interest. Gaza is not a distant foreign conflict: it is an urgent moral emergency for large swaths of voters. Biden will lose...

t3rmit3 , (edited )

instead of pushing this narrative that it’s Biden’s fault

But... it is his fault? His job is to represent his constituents, which he's not doing. He's literally refusing to do his job as an elected representative. That you think it's the electorate's job to align with a President (and thus, a failing on their part not to) is antithetical to Democracy.

Here's an interesting hypothetical for you:

How close would Biden need to be to Trump, before you wouldn't vote for him? What issues would he need to change his stance on? I'm not saying he's close, I'm interested to know which of your personal values are red-lines?

If the answer is, "nothing, so long as he is at all better than Trump", then we're never going to see eye-to-eye, because to me at that point your rhetoric is incapable of combating our current slide towards fascism (just as I believe Biden is). If there are red-lines for you, then ask yourself why your personal red-lines are more important or valid than the people who you're shaming for saying he's crossed theirs.

Sadly, I suspect that the answer for many Democrats is the same as it is for Republicans; they'll only stand up to the party once they are personally harmed by the party's policies.

Car makers BMW, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Volkswagen (VW) used parts made by supplier with links to Chinese forced labour, U.S. probe says ( )

BMW, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Volkswagen (VW) used parts made by a supplier on a list of firms banned over alleged links to Chinese forced labour, a US congressional report has said....

t3rmit3 ,

Weird question, but what does your username mean?

t3rmit3 ,

Hmm, this kind of reminds me of something else recently, where an invaded populace was having all their critical infrastructure and supplies targeted in order to make it impossible to continue living there (i.e. leave or die)...

t3rmit3 ,

Wow, that didn't take much prodding... xD

t3rmit3 ,

"Google, how do I calculate the circumference of a sphere?"

"Sign up for online math classes with University of Arizona today!"

The Hill: US Army intel officer resigns in protest of US-Israel policy; IDF abuse of Gazan prisoners exposed ( )

A segment on The Hill that cites The Intercept and Democracy Now, and calls out the media downplaying credible accusations of IDF mistreatment of prisoners, including prior to Oct 7? Did I wake up in upside-down world today?

t3rmit3 ,

You might want to rethink your source for this. Fox is not even remotely credible. They regularly publish false information and then bury retractions. They're just the propaganda arm of the GOP.

Here is an Associated Press article on the inflation misinformation Biden is pushing.

t3rmit3 ,

Nothing bizarre about that, right wing chuds have had those "if you don't love America, LEAVE", and, "if this flag offends you, I'll help you pack" shirts and bumper stickers for ages.

Just the usual "obedience as patriotism" shtick that bootlickers do.

t3rmit3 ,

The real question is, is that air defense only against UAVs and missiles, or does it also apply to manned aircraft?

t3rmit3 ,

I don't think they mean overcoming Hamas, given that it's not Hamas who are executing the war crimes right now.

t3rmit3 ,

Why would current fascists write a book paralleling Hitler's rise to power about their own successful rise to power?

t3rmit3 ,

They literally cannot defeat Hamas. Not only are they not all located in Gaza, but murdering so many civilians makes the civilians want to strike back at Israel, which means more recruits.

This is not about defeating Hamas, this is about constructing a famine in order to drive Palestinians from Gaza (i.e. ethnic cleanse Gaza).

Active Clubs: A new far-right threat to democratic elections ( )

With a network of decentralised cells in most states in the United States and European Union member countries, the Active Clubs movement has blended far-right extremism with mixed martial arts (MMA). By presenting a more palatable image to the public and combining its extremist ideology with exercise, fitness and MMA training,...

t3rmit3 OP ,

But don't worry; this won't change Biden's mind about Israel either.

t3rmit3 ,

My s.o. and I were discussing tests for animal intelligence being too anthropocentric, and we've both come to the conclusion (based on more recent work in the field that is getting better at trying to assess an animal's intelligence on its own grounds, rather than our's) that there's going to be a major existential reckoning as this field progresses, because so many people do not realize the extent to which animals reason, think, and feel. If we ever reach the point of truly being able to understand what animals are thinking, we're likely going to be horrified at what we've been doing to them (even more than many of us already are).

t3rmit3 , (edited )

I want to be clear that I am being completely sincere when I ask, does this mean that saying "Joe Biden is acting like a fascist autocrat", is ok, but applying it as a title, as in "Joe Biden the Fascist Autocrat" is not?

If so, I will hew to that distinction, but I want to be perfectly clear about the actual expectations; if the former is also an issue, I would like to know that now.

I understand that the Spirit of the Rules is meant to avoid generally drawing these kind of hard lines, because that allows bad-actors to attack community members and at-risk groups by toeing the line of rules, but Joe Biden is neither a community member nor part of an at-risk group, and being required to Bee Nice to Joe Biden as though he were (going off of a Spirit of the Rules interpretation), feels uncomfortably close to not being allowed to criticize the arguably single most powerful and advantaged person in the world (especially since he is currently being criticized for the harm he's doing to at-risk groups).

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