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40MHz is plenty for doom.

Ew, no. Even 386DX-40 is terrible for Doom:

Doom timedemo 386 DX 40 MHz DOS PC

486SX-33 is certainly playable, but you really want 486DX2/66:

Doom Timedemo - 486DX2/66MHz

Edit: grammar

Edit 2: These videos are accurate, btw. I upgraded from 386SX-25 to 486SX-33 just for Doom while my friend got the 486DX2/66 Packard Bell. Envy.

Edit 3: My memory forced me to go back and properly designate the models.

shadearg , (edited )
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Are you sure you didn't set low-detail with the viewport cranked way down? I played it on the same model with a math co-processor and it could not handle high-detail and the large viewport in the video.

Edit: I'm fairly certain I had a math co-processor, but I'll defer to you on this detail just in case. That would certainly make a sizeable difference.

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