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Remember when this was considered the behavior of malware?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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Wasn't that basically Bonzi Buddy and whatever software bundled it without any options to opt out? 😆

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Worst case, they're saving it to an encrypted blob storage, calling that encrypted, and hiding deep in the ToS that you actually agreed to that

And then it's discovered that bucket was accidentally set to public for over 8 months. Oopsie daisy! But you can't sue us because also deep in the ToS was a forced arbitration clause.

Also, if you don't agree to the whole ToS, you can't use the computer you just paid for.

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Thanks for that. I was watching it via the embed in the article and didn't realize the YT link I copied had the timestamp from my current position.

Updated the post.

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The "what" gets shot into the sun is less important, lol. I just found it interesting that shooting anything into our sun is more difficult than sending it to another sun.

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Re: landlines

Technically they are from the CO (central office) once they hit the carrier's trunk.

Re: Cell phones

I'm not sure about 3G, but VoLTE (voice over LTE) is VoIP.

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Ha, yeah.

The first time I saw the video for this song, I wasn't familiar with Tenacious D nor had I seen the movie Airplane!. So much of it was lost on me 😆

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I love that. lol

Specifically, when that happens to critics; they invent a whole ethos and message, and the artist is just like "What? I just wanted an ice cream cone."

Edit: Just saw the Clarkson interview video you added. She practically died inside. Oh man. lol.

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Probably. lol. You look out the window to see what's making all that racket, and you see their logo on their truck / shirts.

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Olives are gross as a food/garnish. Their oil, though, is not. I will put olive oil, Parmesan, and basil on literally anything, and it comes out delicious.

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Seems like solar power with extra steps lol.

(Sun -> Plants -> Food for people/other food)

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True. All just inefficient ways of harnessing fusion power.

Connected cars’ illegal data collection and use now on FTC’s “radar” ( )

The Federal Trade Commission's Office of Technology has issued a warning to automakers that sell connected cars. Companies that offer such products "do not have the free license to monetize people’s information beyond purposes needed to provide their requested product or service," it wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. Just...

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Carnac the Magnificent holding an envelope to his head predicting the contents

In 6 months, automakers will be suing all the way to the Supreme Court challenging the FTC's regulatory authority (like every frigging industry is doing for every regulatory body nowadays).

!RemindMe months

They're like a bunch of petulant children screaming, "I don't want to, and you can't make me!".

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I've never used an AI image generator, so why start now? lol. Though I did use Google image search to find "train with rocket on it" which probably does use ML under the hood to classify images. So it's not completely devoid of irony lol.

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Sigh. AI has basically added a rocket booster to the enshittification train.

Hopefully this doesn't impact DDG.

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Same. I don't mind it as an option if that's what some people want, but stop "enhancing" the default experience with it and shoving it down my throat. No lo quiero.

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I fear that as well. I use Searx-NG at home, so am expecting that to start dying a death of a thousand cuts soon.

Was thinking about standing up (or contributing to) either YaCY or Stract, but you made a good point about the bot allowances for the Googlebot et al crawler UAs. Wonder how frowned upon it would be to spoof the crawler UA in a self-hosted one?

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s it because you expect other search engines to follow suit until there are no search engines anymore, only hallucination machines?

Basically, yeah.

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I had that thought after I replied when I realized that most of the reputable search crawlers will publish the IPs/ranges they use in addition to the UA. The disreputable ones (cough Bytedance cough Xiaomi cough) will just spoof Chrome on Windows 10 and flood you with requests from AWS datacenters in Shanghai or Singapore.

That said, I may still continue looking into working with one of the actual self-hosted search engines (vs meta search) and see how well that works.

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I deleted FB 15 years ago and haven't missed it once.

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Parental controls on the cable/satellite box are a two-way street, IMO. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I don't think it's that nobody cares. It's just outrage fatigue. There's so many things, as you listed, that it's just exhausting to be outraged about everything all the time.

Most of us are just trying to get by: pay rent, put food on the table, etc.

So it's not that I don't care about those, it's just that I don't have time or energy to (or at least not all of the things all the time).

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In a vacuum, I wouldn't consider "diversity hire" to be a slur. However, in colloquial use by racists and bigots, it is definitely used as such much in the same way they have appropriated "DEI" as a slur.

To clarify, I mean the terms themselves used in the proper context. Calling someone a diversity hire, DEI hire, affirmative action hire, etc is 100% appropriating those terms as slurs because it calls into question the target's qualifications by insinuating they were only hired to tick a box.

why don’t we question the competence or qualifications of non-POC hires? Like why are non-POC hires not “cronyism hire” or “familiarity hire”?

We totally do:

  • Familiarity hire: We call those 'nepo babies' or something related to nepotism.
  • Cronyism Hire: Not sure there's a single term for it, but I (and probably others I'd imagine) just literally call them "cronies".

Problems with creating my own instance

I am currently trying to create my own Lemmy instance and am following the docker guide. But unfortunately docker compose up doesn't work with the default config and throw's a yaml: line 32: found character that cannot start any token error. Is there something I can do to fix this?...

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Try this docker-compose file:

Here's the docs for pict-rs:

Everything in the config file has an env var you can set. The most important one is the PICTRS__SERVER__API_KEY

[RFC] Thoughts on Combining Comments for Crossposts?

Disclaimer: If this isn't in the spirit of the community, feel free to remove the post and I'll re-post it in my app-specific community. I'm posting it here since it's a feature that I'm thinking through that may eventually make it into the Lemmy app I develop, and the people here would probably have good ideas/opinions on the...

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Having said all that, I recently participated in a conversation about EA putting ads in their games, and there was three different posts in three different communities, on the same subject.

I literally had to add links in my comment, that I was duplicating, to the other two duplicated comments of mine, so they were all cross referenced. It was definitely a pain in the butt to do so.

That's basically the hassle I'm trying to address (won't go so far as to call it a problem, just an annoyance). I wouldn't say I'm attempting to centralize things, just bring multiple conversations together into one view.

When I think of centralization, I think of something that makes the aggregation point a load-bearing facet. In this case, it'd just be detecting that there's 3 posts for the same item (from the cross_posts list from the API) and pulling the comment trees from all 3 into one UI display. Each still exists as its own, and nothing relies on the UI doing the merging.

That said, it wouldn't do much in your scenario unless other UIs did something similar (i.e. you'd still need to cross-reference you comments to accommodate other UIs that view them separately). It would just make it easier on you to participate in conversation on 3 posts simultaneously. I guess it would be a bit easier to cross-reference your comments since you could do it from the same page, though.

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The app I develop is a web app that also works as a mobile PWA. I try to keep the number of "apps" to a minimum on my devices lol. Half of the icons in my app tray are PWAs I run myself :)

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Yep, is on 0.19.3 so you're good (as long as you're using a frontend that provides access to the instance blocking option)

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You could fork and maintain it :)

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For those of you like me who never take claims made in memes like this as truth (good for you!), this is actually real:

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I'm not aware of any, but I hope to be proven wrong (edit: maybe PayPal - see below).

AFAIK, NFC payment apps have to be linked to your bank and have some kind of relationship with them. The app doesn't just "spoof" your card over NFC (which would make card cloning terrifyingly easy).

So, any other Google/Apple Pay app would have to be setup similarly and have relationships with banks and card providers/payment processors. I don't know of any third party services that have done that since there's likely a lot of financial regulations around it (just guessing on that part).

Just realized PayPal might be able to fill the same role?

I haven't tried that since there's always a line of people, and I'm too embarrassed to cycle through several apps to test if they work at any particular retailer. lol

You may also check to see if your bank's mobile app allows you to setup contactless payments.

But if you're looking for a FOSS solution, I doubt there is one for the reasons mentioned above.

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Ah, so it depends on Google Pay/Wallet for that. Didn't read that far lol.

So I guess that's a "no" then.

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"Even though you just wished, on television, for my marriage to fall apart, I still consider you an adequate colleague"


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I remember it now. Dunno if I can link to the scene or not. It's one of the episodes Fey had pulled because they used race-changing makeup.

The plot is Tracy and Jenna were arguing whether it was more difficult to be a black man or a woman. So Tracy uses make up and a wig to dress like a white woman (except for his hand which was a monster claw because they ran out of makeup after he insisted they paint his buttocks). Jenna, meanwhile, uses makeup and a wig to look like a black man. Hijinks ensue.

This scene is when Jack steps in to settle it and says it's actually harder to be a white man. That's when this clip starts.


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Yeah, same. I felt bad recommending it as "average" episode, but it checks all the other boxes. Still, it's a fun, easy episode to just drop into without needing any background info besides "They're on a long journey home, and then this happens".

"The Void" is definitely a solid choice, too. Teamwork and Federation principles save the day, a little action, and a first contact.

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