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VM solution with "seamless" features

I’m currently using a VM to run Visual Studio on Fedora. Because I want easy access to both systems at once, without having to minimise a VM or use hotkeys to access the host system, I require a VM solution that has “seamless” integration - I.E hiding the virtual desktop, and running applications in the VM as though they...

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On opening a new tab or window with a lemmy instance, I frequently find that I am not intially logged in. I am logged in, and refreshing the page a few times affirms this. It does not necessarily require a cacheless refresh (ctrl+f5). It also occurs regardless of what lemmy instance I’m browsing.

This started immediately after the hackening event of the other day. I’ll play with what’s in site storage in firefox later on and see what happens.

Edit: Ok something very odd just happened. I did the refresh thing and it briefly showed me logged in as @andybug, for reasons unknown. It didn’t stay logged in as (s)he, but very briefly flashed it as such.

Edit2: I deleted cache, webtoken, and other detritus in firefox, and refreshed the page to login again. I logged in, and the site served me the logged-out homepage until I refreshed again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit3: I was logged out completely this morning. No explanation as to why as yet, I’ll test tomorrow and see what browser storage looks like

northernscrub ,
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I’ve discovered a pattern to my logout error as referred to here: lemmy.world/comment/1144382

It occurs specifically when I navigate to a community page, without visiting the homepage first. If I navigate specifically to, for example, lemmy.world/c/lemmyworld, I’ll be logged out. However, if I visit lemmy.world and then visit lemmy.world/c/lemmyworld, I’ll be logged in.

I wonder if this is a bug with SameSite in the JWT? Reddit’s token, for example, has a value of None, where Lemmy’s has a value of Strict. I’ve changed that to None for the moment, we’ll see if that changes anything

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