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Google's play on Search, Ads and AI feels obvious to me.

  • They know search is broken.
  • And that people use AI in part because it takes the ads and SEO crap out.
  • IE, AI is now what Google was in 2000. A simple window onto the internet.
  • Ads/SEO profits will fall with AI.
  • But Google will then just insert shit into AI "answers" for money.
  • Ads managed + up-to-date AI will be their new mote and golden goose.


See @caseynewton 's blog post: https://mastodon.social/@caseynewton/112442253435702607

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@technology @caseynewton

That search/SEO is broken seems to be part of the game plan here.

It's probably like Russia burning Moscow against Napoleon and a hell of a privilege Google enjoy with their monopoly.

I've seen people opt for chatGPT/AI precisely because it's clean, simple and spam free, because it isn't Google Search.

And as @caseynewton said ... the web is now in managed decline.

For those of us who like it, it's up to us to build what we need for ourselves. Big tech has moved on

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This was my key insight on .

It’s about unlearning empathy. About learning to other and put up walls of concern.

I saw parents bring their children through a seafood shop that had live crabs tied up in a basket, and the parents corral them away from the crabs and direct them to not care about them. It was training. Learning to not care about obvious suffering, strengthening one muscle annd atrophying another.

All for comfort and conformity.



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@ajsadauskas @lemmyreader

Yep! It seems a good Threadiverse ecosystem could be on its way with lemmy etc, nodebb and discourse. Hooking a stack overflow alternative into that could make a lot of sense of kick starting it.

Though at some point UI differences could prove problematic(?)

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@weirdwriter @ajsadauskas @lemmyreader

Yes, forum platforms too (incl of course).

I do get the (very vague) impression discourse is focusing on integrating well with masto to a good extent and so might not integrate too well with the other Reddit/forum platforms. If true, that might be a good enough reason to start with another base. OTOH, it’s a familiar platform to many devs so adapting it for stackoverflow like use could go well right?

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Nice demonstration of why mastodon's dominance is problematic

See the conversions here:

AFAICT, mastodon's decisions, which are arguably problematic (on which see: https://lemmy.ml/post/14973403) are literally trickling down to other platforms and infecting how they federate with each other as they dance around mastodon's quirks in different ways.

It seems like masto is ruining "the standard" with its gravity.


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AFAIU, two platforms other than mastodon (lemmy and discourse) have issues federating because at least one of them is trying federate well with mastodon (for obvious reasons). The mastodon quirk causing issues is, AFAIU, the way it kinda mangles articles and pages (long form formats in ActivityPub), which are appropriate for forums and link-aggregators like lemmy and discourse. So someone hints been done to work well with mastodon’s mangling, which hurts lemmy-discourse interop

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Reflecting on the firefish/calckey "moment"

which was about a year ago now, I can't help but suspect it was a small event with wider implications on the dominance of in the

I think it was the last chance to direct the twitter migration energy into discovering new/different fedi platforms.

And it was blown, with alt-social in a weird steady/waiting state that's smaller I suspect, than what many hoped for.


cntd: https://hachyderm.io/@maegul/112358202238795371


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So I just learnt that J Physiol requires figures to be made with Biorender (https://www.biorender.com/), a VC backed subscription SaaS extend and extinguish of scientists drawing pictures!

Is this a thing now!? Complete privatisation of the publication workflow!?

Am I the only one enraged by this!? Pictures? We could have just made our own shared repository of useful graphics. Our own open source software. Uggghhh!

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@kraweel65 @academicchatter

I’m not in academia any more. So I don’t know where things are up to.

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@NicoleCRust @academicchatter

Bizarre, yes, but as I said in the original thread, it seems well designed to trick researchers into thinking that it’s a standard that they may as well just use like MS Word.

A relatively tech illiterate lab leader will often just tell their students to use it in the same way they do everything else to please the journals. Because as far as they know illustration already works like documents and MS Word.

Rather shameful for an “academic institution”.

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