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Chicory salad with tomato, egg and home made mayo. Apart from salt and pepper those are the only ingredients.

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Yes and they are always broken. I can never contact anyone.

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Max Schreck was a creepy mf in Nosferatu (1922)....childhood boogyman. They did the other Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski here in the Netherlands in Delft.

9 years later, I finally played fallout 4

Having dropped New Vegas in the past due to lost interest, I decided to try this game out finally since a friend of mine was having a fallout 3 playthrough himself. It was it 8 bucks, so I figured why not. I have to say, I put way more hours into this game than both other Bethesda games I've played through (Skyrim and Oblivion)...

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I put in 1300 hrs into fo4 just for the settlement building. With mods though.

"I heard people complaining about the bed situation...." NPC carrieing a bedroll on her back.

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Even without sugar a lot of cereals are high in carbs from refined flower.

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Sperm whales rattle off pulses of clicks while swimming together, raising the possibility that they’re communicating in a complex language.

Credit...Amanda Cotton

May 7, 2024
Ever since the discovery of whale songs almost 60 years ago, scientists have been trying to decipher their lyrics. Are the animals producing complex messages akin to human language? Or sharing simpler pieces of information, like dancing bees do? Or are they communicating something else we don’t yet understand?

In 2020, a team of marine biologists and computer scientists joined forces to analyze the click-clacking songs of sperm whales, the gray, block-shaped leviathans that swim in most of the world’s oceans. On Tuesday, the scientists reported that the whales use a much richer set of sounds than previously known, which they called a “sperm whale phonetic alphabet.”

People have a pho-ne-tic alphabet too, which we use to produce a practically infinite supply of words. But Shane Gero, a marine biologist at Carleton University in Ottawa and an author of the study, said it’s unclear whether sperm whales similarly turn their phonetic sounds into a language.

“The fundamental similarities that we do find are really fascinating,” Dr. Gero said. “It’s totally changed the way we have to do work going forward.”

Since 2005, Dr. Gero and his colleagues have followed a clan of 400 sperm whales around Dominica, an island nation in the eastern Caribbean, eavesdropping on the whales with u

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I posted it here, read mode button in Firefox bypasses the NY Times paywall.

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Only a 2 or 3 cups a week, my wife does all the heavy coffee drinking, we have an espresso machine and a cup one.

I mostly drink carbonated water and tea and sometimes a double espresso (fresh ground beans) with some cream. Sometimes when I really enjoy the cup of coffee I will take another cup.

How do people actually dumpster dive to get free food? Are there any other cheap/free ways like this to get food?

My local food bank can only provide 8 packages with referrals every time before you run out, and I have, but my situation hasn't improved financially due to various set backs and I'm struggling to feed myself. I've heard that supermarkets throw out massive amounts, but have never been in a position where dumpster diving seemed...

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In the UK there is the "Too good to go" app.

I save a lot of money on groceries this way and provide others as well. You pay a third of the original price.

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336 apparently, I did not realize I blocked that many.

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Lamprey, I am not really a sucker for them

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Well I remember the Sony XCP rootkit scandal, and that is 2 decades ago.

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Chicken filet plain cooked and shredded into thin strips. I make it for Surinam Bami and always give the cat some. When I make bami he is always close on the lookout for his share. It is gone in seconds, eats like a hungry dog.

Also chicken livers cooked and finely chopped or puréed.

Normally he eats BARF…hehe.

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Hydrohomie here, buckets of ice and carbonated water. Fruit juice is too much fructose for me, and it attracks wasps.

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    Off course that dog is uncomfortable, it is miserable and should not exist. Skull too small for it's brain, just look at its eyes popping out of its skull. Still humans think it so cute. Some dog breeds should not exist. I feel sorry for it.

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    Because that is what I observe, there is no joke or silly thing in here to me.

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