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Ukraine’s troops withdraw from parts of north-east as pressure mounts ( )

Ukraine’s troops withdrew from several areas of the country’s north-east amid mounting pressure from a new Russian offensive, as the president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, postponed all foreign trips underscoring the seriousness of the threat....

hydroptic , (edited )

It's like world leaders want Russia to win; making a show of donating insignificant amounts of old weapons systems they had lying around, but not actually doing enough to ensure Ukraine's victory.

hydroptic ,

The US isn't the only one though, it's the same everywhere except the countries that Russians have occupied.

hydroptic , (edited )

Right, and which part of that makes saying "the problem isn't just the US" untrue? If anything that underlines the fact that everybody should be chipping in more

hydroptic ,

Musk, the employees said, was not pleased with Tinucci’s presentation and wanted more layoffs. When she balked, saying deeper cuts would undermine charging-business fundamentals, he responded by firing her and her entire 500-member team.

The dude's a petulant child. No wonder conservatives fawn over him.

First person to receive a genetically modified pig kidney transplant dies nearly 2 months later ( )

The first recipient of a genetically modified pig kidney transplant has died nearly two months after he underwent the procedure, his family and the hospital that performed the surgery said Saturday....

hydroptic ,

[the transplant team] said they didn’t have any indication that he died as a result of the transplant.

Well, at least the concept is probably valid, then.

hydroptic ,

You're surprised that gAmErS are complaining about something?

hydroptic ,

And the devs hate the real fans of the game and implement features only to spite them

hydroptic OP ,

I'm the exact opposite: when I was still coding for work, that was when the curses flowed forth like a majestic waterfall, but I've always loved working on my own projects and don't mind adversity and mistakes at all

hydroptic ,

I think my dumbest customer story isn't programming-related but still related to computers. I worked in a small computer repair shop about 3000 years ago, and one day a customer comes in with their family computer that's "not working." It turned out to be full of viruses and malware, and when we started working on it it turned out this was due to somebody visiting shady porn sites and clicking on download buttons left and right. I explain the situation to her and then recommend steps on how to avoid this happening in the future, so how to browse safely, antivirus software etc. She feelt a bit embarrassed and says that it's her son, and that she'll give him a talking-to.

A few weeks later the same customer comes back with the family computer and this time she's visibly annoyed, and curiously she's brought along the keyboard, mouse and monitor. The computer's got viruses again, and it's my fault. Why? Because she'd had a talk with her son who had then sworn up and down that he'll mend his filthy ways. When new viruses cropped up, his explanation was that obviously they're in the keyboard, mouse and monitor too, and since they hadn't been in the shop they were still infected and we were just too incompetent to have known this. Naturally she believed her son over my word, and started demanding that we remove the viruses from all the peripherals. I tried for a very long time to explain that it's just not possible (this was a time when PS/2 connectors were still pretty common and that's what they had so it wasn't even theoretically possible), but she wouldn't budge because her son was a computer whiz (he wasn't) and a Good Boy™ and would never lie, so clearly I was either incompetent or lying.

Finally I just relented and said "OK you got me, it's possible your viruses came from the peripherals but I just didn't want to mention it because removing them is so time-consuming and difficult". I took all their hardware in and had it unfucked in pretty short order, and I looked at the browser history to make sure that it really was a reinfection via the web, which it was (I remember Pamela Anderson featuring in a lot of the searches, which we techs giggled at.)

I kept their hardware at the shop for a couple of weeks; it's a tricky and demanding job to remove viruses from mouses, keyboards and monitors, remember? When writing the bill I charged her double the time I actually put in – she didn't want to pay at all because she felt it was our mistake but at that point my boss, who was a formidable lady, practically put her boot up the customer's ass and made her cough up the money.

She left in a huff never to be seen again, thank the gods.

hydroptic ,

I probably shouldn't have laughed this much at the 3rd video. That was spectacularly stupid even for vatniks.

If the drone that was hunting me malfunctions and plops onto the ground, what do I do?


Seriously what the fuck was he thinking? Was he actually trying to kill himself or was he really that stupid?

hydroptic ,

Yeah that's very true. Easy for me to go "I would never be that stupid" lying here on my comfy couch.

But after years of training on both how to avoid being killed by and how to kill Russians (I'm Finnish and was a commissioned officer at one point) I'm fairly convinced I would at least have the presence of mind to treat explosives with a modicum of respect even when tired and scared

hydroptic ,

Oh yeah there's really no comparing someone who's gotten actual years of relatively high-quality military training and the poor fucks Russia sends to the front lines. While I don't have combat experience because the Russians haven't invaded us again (yet…), I do have a grasp on how fucking horrifying war can be and I figure it's only gotten worse with drones. I really wouldn't wish it on anybody, and I can absolutely imagine how PTSD et al could fuck you up to the point of doing something like this

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