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A lazy cat in human skin, an eldritch being borne of the '90s.

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Excuse me, I have a 3070 feeding into one of these bad boys.

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Poverty homies rise up, also I won't turn down a free tv. I upcycled a few for extra monitors.

Threads is automatically hiding comments that mention Pixelfed ( mastodon.social )

For anyone wondering if Threads and Facebook at large will be a fine neighbor in the space and compatible with other apps/services in the fediverse: they’re already automatically hiding comments that mention Pixelfed https://mastodon.social/@dansup/112126250737482807

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And this thread goes straight to my Masto admin circle. Ta.

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Lynn Doan
Tue, March 19, 2024 at 11:14 AM GMT·1 min read

(Bloomberg) -- Reddit Inc., the social media platform gearing up for an initial public offering this week, said Nokia Oyj has accused it of infringing some of their patents.

Nokia Technologies, the company’s licensing business, sent Reddit a letter on Monday with the claims, and Reddit is evaluating them, according to a filing made Tuesday. “As we face increasing competition and become increasingly high profile, the possibility of receiving more intellectual property claims against us grows,” Reddit said in the filing.
Nokia’s claims come as Reddit prepares for an initial public offering in an effort to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. The company has been working toward a listing for years, and its public market debut this week is set to become a high-profile addition to the year’s roster of newly and soon-to-be public companies.

Nokia is no stranger to patent fights. In February, the company reached a patent agreement with Chinese phone maker Vivo, ending a years-long dispute that dragged the two companies into court and forced Vivo to pull out of Germany. In 2021, Daimler and Nokia settled a dispute over the licensing of wireless technology patents in cars, ending a legal battle that had at one point threatened sales of the iconic Mercedes brand in its home country.

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I'm glad you responded. I was really curious to see, as this smells more political than health related.

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I'm more suspect about the companies involved than the concept of GMOs to be fair haha.

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We called newbie overconfident climbers gumbies, back when I could. I think the same applies here.

Linux market share passes 4% for first time ( arstechnica.com )

We see the nearly 33-year-old OS’s market share growing 31.3 percent from June 2023, when we last reported on Linux market share, to February. Since June, Linux usage has mostly increased gradually. Overall, there's been a big leap in usage compared to five years ago. In February 2019, Linux was reportedly on 1.58 percent of...

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