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dragonfly OP Mod ,

I wonder how many owls have another animal in the name? Eagle Owl, Hawk Owl, Fish Owl... Elf Owl, does that count?

dragonfly OP Mod ,

Considering the resemblance, I'm surprised there are none named for a cat of some kind.

dragonfly OP Mod ,

Heh. Hard to argue with that name.

dragonfly Mod ,

I love how she looks right at the camera afterwards like, "Did you see that!"

dragonfly Mod ,

It's so funny to see them sitting like a chicken!

dragonfly Mod ,

In honor of what's falling from the sky atm, I'll go with:

Snowy Owl

San Franciscowl

dragonfly Mod ,

That would make an awesome T-shirt design, too!

dragonfly Mod ,

I love how they look like they’re made out of bark and lichen.

dragonfly Mod ,

I feel like the screech owl that lives near my house will get mad if I don’t vote for him/her, but–those floofy tufts tho.

dragonfly Mod ,

It would be funny if first and second went to Great Horned and Burrowing they could stay the same, lol.

dragonfly ,

When I sit in a chair and cross my legs, I tuck the foot of the top leg behind the ankle of my bottom leg, so the legs are kind of wrapped around each other.

Owl-natomy Mega Post: The Fabulous World of Feathers ( lemmy.world )

After the last mega post, someone mentioned feathers as the next topic. I was amazed at the response the first write up got, so here we are again. Just a reminder, I’m not any kind of expert, so ask this is from a couple days of Internet research. If you feel I’ve posted something incorrect, let me know. Otherwise, I hope...

dragonfly Mod ,

I’m especially fascinated by the colors under UV light.

dragonfly Mod ,

Worked for me on boost. Hope more apps get gifs to work, cuz this was adorable–pounce!

dragonfly OP Mod ,

That’s amazing! I never got to see him, but my brothers did. It must have been so special to get to work with him.

Are there any prince movies for kids?

Anyone who knows about kids’ movies knows how popular princess movies are, especially Disney princesses. My child is six and absolutely loves them too. My child also loves princes and kings, but I’m having a hard time finding anything that features a character as easily beloved as Elsa or Moana for example. Even worse, a lot...

dragonfly Mod ,

Speaking as a mod, keep up the great work!

dragonfly ,

Hi, I’ve been going to my local small town food bank for almost a year. I’ll try to give you some thoughtful responses.

<span style="color:#323232;">Are you able to get enough food, toiletries, items from your local food bank? 

I’m not sure how to answer this. Do I get enough that I won’t need to purchase additional food, etc. that month? No, I still need to shop for more. However, I get a really good amount most months and am able to eat a lot better. My local pantry gets a lot of donations from the nearby supermarket chain, and they are pretty good about supplying meat especially. I normally buy very little meat to save money, so getting it from the pantry means I get a lot more protein in my diet. I guess technically there is enough that I could eat only food from the pantry each month, but I’d be eating a lot of canned peas, corn, tuna fish, peanut butter–you get the idea. It wouldn’t be a greatly varied diet by the end of the month.

<span style="color:#323232;">Do you have any allergies or illness that makes it harder to use a food bank? ie. they never have any gluten free bread, or everything contains too much sugar

Surprisingly, this has been pretty good. I’m on a low fat diet, and my husband is allergic to wheat, with a few other things that he doesn’t tolerate well but are okay in small amounts. I regularly find things like gluten free boxed mixes, sometimes bread or wraps, etc. Not huge amounts, but more than I expected.

<span style="color:#323232;">Do you care about branded foods versus non branded?

No–however, sometimes the quality of generic is pretty bad, and I’d rather skip it. Think things like the generic version of Lipton dry soup packets. The name brand is pretty terrible already, the generic is just awful.

<span style="color:#323232;">Are there items you can never find or are in very short supply at your local food bank?

Milk, fresh or powdered. Nonfat powdered milk is great for me, stores well and takes up little space. Cheese, especially nicer stuff like cheddar that works well in a lot of meals and sandwiches. Butter and/or margarine. Fruit juice. Cooking oil. Basic cooking ingredients like sugar, salt, spices. Eggs are hit or miss, sometimes there’s plenty, sometimes none. Oh! I always get a jar or two of peanut butter, but rarely jelly to go with. I always get pasta, but only regular “thick” spaghetti. That’s fine, but it would be so nice to have some thinner types. I usually get maybe one can or jar of pasta sauce, but almost never Parmesan to go with it. ETA: I forgot–frozen vegetables! Sometimes they have fresh, I always get canned, but rarely frozen and it tastes so much better than canned.

It’s a good question, and it’s sort of hard to answer, because I really never know what I’m going to get each month. The past two months have been very light, and I got only a small amount of meat and almost no dairy. I did get a 5 pound block of mozzarella, which is great, but not super versatile!

<span style="color:#323232;">How were you referred to the food bank?

I did a web search for food banks in my area.

If you’d like, please feel free to ask me any more questions!

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