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I run the Blisscast Journal

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How I stopped worrying and learned to appreciate Mother 3 for what it truly was ( )

It's time for me to celebrate the release of the 100th Journal Page by talking about one of the most important games in my gaming journey, Mother 3, and my complicated relationship with it! Why is it so special to me? Let’s find out!...

The Caligula Effect Overdose & the Mystery of Procrastinating Games ( )

Many people get suddenly transported into another world after hearing a song by a virtual idol called μ (Mu); they end up in a virtual reality program called Mobius, that allows them to live as high schoolers forever and, most importantly, it makes all these people forget about reality. The illusion is kept consistent thanks to...

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really weird, when I reply to your comment the pic appears, and I'm not doing anything different.
if I copy-paste the text I get, I can now use it anywhere I want... a bit annoying, but doable :3 thanks

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Hi there! I'm having trouble uploading pictures, but other than that, it's nice

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