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bdonvr OP ,

Yeah well uh, Trump would've sent 1.2bn

bdonvr ,

It's okay it shows it for you because you already know it, it's censored for me

bdonvr ,

Not quite, this could be exploited by telecom providers when using mobile data. Also using a VPN for networks you DON'T control is one of the more popular uses of the things

bdonvr ,

Are there any topics that are majorly split? I'm pretty sure just like on reddit when two subs had similar names one eventually gets bigger and dominates. I don't see how it's going to be much different here.

bdonvr ,

Yeah sometimes animals need to be put down out in the country.

But she just completely failed to raise that dog to do what she wanted, completely impatient, then decided the only recourse was to shoot it.

Then just decided while she was out killin' to shoot a "mean" goat too? Like if she hadn't decided to kill the dog she wouldn't have killed the goat? Bloodlust is what it sounds like.

bdonvr ,

American operates more than 49 flights per week from Miami to Havana!. Also Miami to Santiago de Cuba and Varadero 5 days a week, and Santa Clara, Camagüey, Holguín 7 days a week.

Southwest operates flights from Fort Lauderdale to Havana 21 times a week. (3/day), additionally once daily from Tampa to Havana (twice on Saturday).

Delta flies Miami to Havana twice daily

United flies Houston to Havana once daily.

Source: I hope to visit soon and researched

Of course none of these are on Cuba's airline Cubana as I assume the US doesn't allow it.

The Havana to Buenos Aires route is also served once weekly by Euroairlines.

bdonvr ,

another Studio Ghibli

Grave of the Fireflies it is!

bdonvr ,

I figured there'd be a parking garage or something just off shot connected to those bridges. Nope.

Also unrelated I went to the stadium's website and was immediately hit with this:

This place is pretty cool.

bdonvr ,

I'm trying to imagine a large American company doing this... Would be pretty radical in comparison

bdonvr ,

Those are coated in bitterant and taste terrible

bdonvr ,

Nah lol, I'm an admin and could see all the email addresses they were using. Fake af

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