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Obscure screw added so appliance cannot be disassembled ( )

Basic blender went bad (motor ran but spindle wasn't rotating). I wanted to disassemble to see if it could be repaired. Three of the four screws were Phillips head. I had to cut the casing open in order to discover why I couldn't unscrew the fourth. It was a slotted spanner.

an_onanist OP ,

The screw head was at tho bottom of a 2 inch shaft. I destroyed the casing just to find out what the issue was.

an_onanist OP ,

I destroyed the casing to learn why my Phillips screw driver couldn't grab the screw head.

an_onanist OP ,


an_onanist OP ,

Really? It seems to me that if you believe blenders should be tamper-proof, you must believe that all appliances should be.


Bob Marley, the uncontested King Of Reggae, died of a brain tumor at the age of 36. Seven months earlier he had collapsed on stage during a concert in the US. He was given a state funeral and buried near his birthplace in St. Ann's Parish, Jamaica. His last words were reported to have been, "Money can't buy life."

an_onanist ,

If he actually spent his money on something like medical care, it is probable that money could have, in fact, bought life.

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