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Hello Gordon.

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(Troubleshooting) Filament runout detector not working.

Hey, my printer recently stopped working saying the filament ran out even though it was still in for use. I checked the sensor and sure enough it was worn down, so I replaced it. But now I'm getting the same message even though I just replaced the sensor and all the wires are connected back to the sensor and printer. If it helps...

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This is very true. Look at pigeons, for example. Used to value pigeons as a tool for communication and they even saved lives, but when technology advanced with things like the telegram, we abandoned pigeons. Cows have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, meaning they are dependent on us for survival, and even if we don't use then for food, we will still have to take care of them as cows have many things wrong with they're biology such as the fact that they will die if not milked, and no, the calf can't keep up with that as the modern cow produces far more milk than they did in the wild so long ago. In essence, cows would either become white elephants or go extinct if we didn't care for them.

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"Hey, isn't nati the one that drone strikes weddings?"
"No, that the US, that us."
"But america is part of nato..."
"Yes, but you can't just"
"Why would nato do that?"

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