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Israel's Shadow Over Free Speech: The Truth Behind the TikTok Ban Bill ( www.mintpressnews.com )

TikTok has long been in the crosshairs of powerful pro-Israel lobbying organizations due to the speed and ease with which content critical of Israeli atrocities and apartheid spreads on its platform. The risk younger users might question the concertedly concealed, horrific reality of Israel’s occupation has become all the...

Is CSIS embroiling Canadian universities in US Cold War with China? ( rabble.ca )

While the list of prohibited organizations claims to be “country agnostic” and “does not target or profile any group of people or country,” this is clearly not the case. Over 80 per cent of the institutions named are in China, with the remainder in Russia or Iran. The list seems to have been cobbled together from similar...

Canadian Forces wants to expand offensive cyber capabilities, briefing says ( ottawacitizen.com )

The National Defence public affairs branch did not explain why it falsely claimed offensive cyber operations weren’t discussed for security reasons. But critics have pointed out that, over the past year, the Canadian Forces and the department have appeared to slide towards more secrecy even as they advocate for billions of...

Budget deal slashes U.S. funding for Palestinians’ U.N. lifeline ( www.washingtonpost.com )

The European Commission, Canada, Australia and Sweden this month unfroze their contributions to UNRWA. But U.S. contributions, which last year totaled $422 million, typically account for about 30 percent of UNRWA’s budget, the organization says. Slashing those resources now, with more than a million Gazans on the brink of...

Kremlin says Putin didn't threaten to use nuclear weapons, U.S. took him out of context ( www.reuters.com )

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that Putin had merely been answering a journalist's questions on the subject and restating the already well known circumstances in which Russia would theoretically be forced to use nuclear weapons....

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