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Without thinking about the validity of the ICCs argument for it, I wonder if part of their concern is whether or not having an antagonist like the ICC doesn’t shore up potentially eroding domestic support from Gantz and his allies.

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I wonder how hard it will be to make this all… DISAPPEAR…

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Bah, like the Romulans could do any better.

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Sometimes things aren’t your fault but are your problem. And men making excuses like “just locker room talk” and not confronting other men in their lives who do or say toxic things or espouse ideas or personalities that generally make women uncomfortable are our problems, whether or not they are our fault.

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Arctic and Mlem for iOS.

Arctic is my primary, it was the first that I know of to include admin tools, the single developer is super accessible and on top of for resolving bugs and does a good job at supporting markdown both in the editor and the viewer.

Mlem is my backup if I need to access 2 different spots on the Lemmy-verse. It has a great viewer and interface but is missing a markdown editor.

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