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I do a lot of photography and I share it on my deviant art page.

It’s SFW, don’t worry.

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At his point for me it's only CAD and Lightroom that keeps a Windows install in my machine

All the games I like run fine on Linux nowadays

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As the saying goes: if you only have one backup you have zero backups.

How the fuck does Google of all companies manage to accidentally delete that‽

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Visa is rolling out technology that will allow you to tap your card on your smart device to add it to your wallet. You’ll also be able to tap your card to your phone to confirm a transaction without needing to input any additional information.

So like almost any tap to pay system?

Shit I was doing this stuff with GPay for years.

Within a decade, you’ll likely access all of your cards with one credential and choose which payment method you’d like to use. That includes not just credit and debit cards, but also buy now, pay later options and direct payments from your bank account.

This is just PayPal.

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Not wanting to be filmed backstage at an event seems pretty normal IMO as backstage is where a lot of prep work happens. It probably not safe for untrained personnel and/or might reveal things that people don't want on camera (like costume malfunctions that are being worked out)

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Have you run a PID tune?

And when you installed your thermal probe and heater cartridge did you use thermal compound?

Edit: Sorry for the really basic questions but in my experience clogging issues typically have a frustratingly simple solution.

Edit2: Does your printer have a screen not connected to Klipper?

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Do you have the correct thermister type set in the firmware? If there's a reporting difference that could be why. (This one bit me on my first 3D printer rebuild, now I'm way more vigilant about it)

Without a nozzle installed are you able to push the filament through the hot end? (This one bit me on one of my printers due to faulty hot end and there being a piece of metal partially obstructing the filament path. Sucked to diagnose but was an easy fix once it was found)

Is everything on the hot end tightened down still? (This one bit me a few weeks ago after a couple bolts on my hot end worked themselves lose after months of use)

Is your extruder still functional gripping the filament? If it can't grip properly (or is jamming) this can cause clogging issues.

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No worries

And dang that it's not one of those things as the things I mentioned in my comment are relatively easy to fix

Edit: Best of luck on solving it and I really hope to see you post about how you fixed it as I'm hella curious

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Unfortunately sometimes war is unavoidable

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When I used to play MTG one of the LGSs I used to play at had a policy of, "If you play with proxies they much be cleared by the judge first."

Almost everyone with anime proxies got told they couldn't use them due to them almost always being NSFW. The people with sharpied basics almost never got turned down. The anime proxy dudes who got turned down always got pissed when they got told no.

They were pretty good on a lot of things but the regulars who'd show up to games were eventually the reason I stopped going there.

I do miss MTG sometimes but I don't miss the local MTG groups at all.

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Hope is key to acting

Using hope as a driving factor for acting to bring the change you want to see

For example: I hope to see better pedestrian focused infrastructure in my community therefore I act in a way to make that happen. I call my reps, I talk with people I meet about it, etc.

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Those targeted ads aren't messing around

Edit: Personally I've already got an urn picked out for me. A probably too large coffee can of my favorite coffee brand.

I'd prefer it not get used for my ashes for at least a few more decades though.

The State Department said that Israel's military campaign in Gaza may have violated international law. ( )

The Biden administration has concluded it is “reasonable to assess” that Israel’s military campaign in Gaza has violated international law, but has not found specific instances that would justify the withholding of military aid, the State Department told Congress on Friday....

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I feel the same way

But in terms of international politics such accusations must be made carefully and with substantial evidence

I feel they could have had that evidence awhile ago but I'm hoping they took this long to make sure to get as many as possible correctly in the net of "Violating International Law". For example substantial evidence that goes very high up the chain of command of the Israeli military.

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Hell yeah that's freaking awesome

I hope to see these become popular someday and with that kind of increase they're likely to get a shit ton of funding

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So many people commuting to jobs that could easily be done from home nowadays

I work in the freight industry in a position I can't do from home but when the whole work from home thing was in full swing I didn't get stuck in traffic except a few times when the local drawbridge went up

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Probably SEO reasons to help it pop up if you search his name there by driving more traffic to their site

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I live in the PNW, this is legit my strategy

It can get pretty grubby during the summer months though

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For those not too good at unit conversions:

1 hectare is 10,000 sqft

1 hectare is also 2.47 acres

So the ice field is less than 20,000 sqft, less than 4.9 acres.

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Damn that sucks

I really liked HiFi Rush

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Seeing kids surpass me in skills I taught them how to do is (for me) a fantastic feeling

I want to see them be better than I was at whatever I taught them

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Spitting facts right there

Hell my favorite places to go hiking don't even have cell service

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It truly is bliss being disconnected from everything every now and then

No Internet, no phone calls, no texts, nothing.

Being truly disconnected from the world at large.

If people need me, they can wait until I get back from my hike or my vacation as I'm truly unreachable unless someone hikes out there too.

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I'm a dude and an avid hiker in the PNW, I've also had encounters with over a dozen bears over the last 5 years.

I'd prefer to encounter a bear when by myself in the woods.

Bears are predictable.

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Nothing quite like seeing a "HDR 400" badge on a TV spec sheet

That shit ain't even HDR lol

Stack Overflow and OpenAI Partner ( )

cross-posted from:

From the official stackoverflow account: We’re thrilled to announce we’re partnering with @OpenAI to bring best in class technical knowledge and the world’s most popular LLM models for AI development together! This groundbreaking partnership with OpenAI will drive our mission to empower the world to develop technology through collective knowledge.
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We will fondly look back on the days of finding highly specific dead forum threads that are a decade or more old about the issue we were having.

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Damn Canada's got that barbed dick


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NGL I picked up Stardew again with the 1.6 update and I couldn't be happier

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You mean the small gaps in the filament?

Those won't go away with sanding unless you go really deep

And personally for a prototype sanding is a waste of time. Get something working as you expect, then roughly design a case, iterate the case, finalize the case design, then finally worry about surface finish.

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A different kind of excitement without flames.

Sodium cells have been out of the lab for at least 8 months now.

They're still a bit pricey but the price is quickly falling

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Especially considering there's no fire from a sodium cell, just a quick bang. They definitely seem a lot safer.

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I love nuclear but this new battery tech has me super excited

It increases the viability of renewable energy sources (especially solar) which makes me hella happy

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This is exactly why I love nuclear

And who can forget the classic, "Where is the waste from fossil fuels? Take a deep breath, it's in your lungs. Where is the waste from nuclear power? Where we store it."

Yes there have been disasters but the waste from those are tracked, in a specific location, and can be cleaned up. The default state of fossil fuels hits every living breathing thing on Earth.

And even factoring in the impact from disasters nuclear is still the safest. And we have even safer designs for reactors nowadays then the reactors that had those disasters.

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That headline definitely subverting expectations

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Propaganda is a hella of a thing

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And the inherent threat to ones family if you resist

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A baby carrot

It takes about the same force to bite through a baby carrot as it does to bite through a finger

As long as the carrot is pretty close to the size of the finger you're wishing to stimulate

I wish I didn't know that

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Just doing my part

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I see somebody else has been searching for programming tutorials

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The level of paranoia that suburbanites have about density is horrendously upsetting and intentional

Trying to tell a suburbanite that crime rates have fallen drastically over time is so damn hard

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Personally I use Ventoy

Basically I can just throw a whole bunch of ISOs on a USB drive and when I boot it it brings me to a menu to pick which one I want to boot

It's freaking great

I've got various windows ISOs and Linux distros just living on a 64GB flash drive

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It has gotten a lot better over the years

That was basically my first experience with it as well also about 5 years ago

Nowadays it works like a dream come true for every OS I've thrown on the drive

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Barred from his lab for releasing extremely useful info that helped the world because he didn't seek approval from the government before he released the info.

FFS that's terrible

The dude is a hero for releasing as soon as he could so that more people could have access to the sequence and begin research on vaccines that much faster.

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Especially considering that most of the time you'll sit on hold which can be awhile

If the company says "call" I ain't even going to bother because my 30 minutes is more valuable to me than whatever price they could say 99.9% of the time

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Reward the company that respects me enough to not waste my time

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They got to weasel out of admitting wrong doing as part of the settlement?

What a joke

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