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    At the last family reunion, my mother and I were in charge of making all the food. We spent 3 days getting all of the groceries, and stacked fruits and vegetables in the family room, filled the bathtub with ice to keep the meat, and stacked the drinks in the garage.

    We fried the meat, boiled the noodles, mixed the salad, and cooked the chili. The entire counter and range were covered in pots and pans. Most of the intermediate cookware had been rinsed and was in the process of going through the dish cycle while we were setting tables out in the yard, when my Mom realized she hadn't made any red pea soup. Her brother was flying in from the island for the occasion and she knew it was his favorite. The bag of peas had hid under a couch pillow, and we missed it while making the rest of the meal.

    We didn't have enough time to wait for the cleaning cycle to finish, so I dumped out a shallow stainless steel flower vase and put that over the flame. There was no time to soak the peas, so my mom just mixed them raw with the broth, yams, carrots, milk, and spices, and then transferred them to a clean bowl once the cycle was complete. The soup didn't look right, though. The peas and broth are supposed to have a full ruddy color, but the result was a much darker red like a beet.

    When uncle arrived he was really pleased to see we'd kept him in mind, but after the event was over and everyone had gone home, we found a pile of wet peas dumped behind some bushes. I learned a very important lesson that day: Those who make peas full-red solution in posse bowl, make violet-red solution inedible.

    A bit of progress on converting my mountain bike to a cargo bike (rear rack added with simple modification) ( movim.slrpnk.net )

    I previously posted looking for advice on turning my old steel-framed mountain bike into something I could use to haul groceries and maybe some bits of furniture I find on trash day....

    Five , (edited )
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    Good call on the customizations. The way the product pictures all four arms attaching to the rear fork legs makes me nervous. It should be much most stable and less likely to deform the frame resting closer to the dropout.

    I'd replace the steel basket with a milk-crate. The plastic is lighter, and you'll be less tempted to dangerously overload it.

    You could also try to modify the steel basket so that it envelopes the rear wheel and the top of the basket is flush with the top of the rack as an alternative to panniers.

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    Había una tendencia de árabes que aceptaban el sionismo y algunos de ellos incluso vivían dentro de los kibbutzim, no como miembros, sino como aprendices.Y una vez terminada su formación, se les negaba la afiliación.

    La vieja historia de leopardos y caras.

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    Maybe, but if there's real demand for cross-language dialogue, maybe a coder will eventually put the existing 'select language' box to work and add some 'auto-translate to default language' to the code.

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    Laser etching doesn't sound like a terrible idea.

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    Among other statements that have contextualized how underwhelming this announcement is from the perspective of China fighting climate change, Xinjiang is famously the region that China is ethnically cleansing of Uygur people.

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    Denmark-based ElectricityMaps.com joins Spain, Norway, and Ireland in recognizing a Palestinian State :)

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    Reddit is notorious to responding to financial incentives. In the past they would ban communities only when they became toxic to advertisers due to overwhelming negative publicity. During those purges, they would often throw in some leftist subs to prevent the user-base political average from shifting leftward, but the purges were never proactive.

    I think we've entered a new era where Reddit is no longer as concerned about which subs may scare advertisers, and are more concerned about which subs generate the kind of content that is valuable to LLM training. If I were training the next version of ChatGPT, I would be alarmed if a text prompt spontaneously invited me to masturbate with it, or prompts for images of a "battle station" resulted in walls of women having sex.

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    Do the thing that makes the thing tell you when she's published a thing!

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