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Custoslibera ,

Of course the furries have thought of this…

Custoslibera OP ,

yawn let me guess you have over three hundred confirmed kills?

Custoslibera , (edited )

No phone


Don’t take private transport or public transport. Use a bicycle if you can and take an unusual route to and from.

Wear very plain clothes of a solid colour (preferable black), no logos.

Do not wear easily identifiable shoes.

Be prepared to throw out your clothes after.

Cover all parts of your body with clothes (use gloves for your hands, wear long sleeves and pants, wear a mask, use sunglasses to obscure eyes)

Do not talk to anyone who approaches you. There will be plain clothes officers and they will attempt to engage you in conversation, just walk away.

Do not talk to people who approach you and ask questions

Custoslibera ,

I don’t think portraying the execs as just dumb and the general public as mega brains is accurate…

The execs want to strip out value as profit and take actions to maximise this, they don’t care if it fundamentally tanks the business because as long as they make a profit overall they can just drop the husk that’s left at the end and move onto another business they can bleed dry.

Custoslibera ,

Lemmy really has increased in traffic over the time I’ve been here.

For all intents and purposes it’s the exact same experience as the other place for me.

Custoslibera ,

If you put Margot Robbie in a paper bag would she stop being hot?

Why does it matter what packaging the hotness comes in?

Custoslibera OP ,

Except that Vine did allow videos longer than 6 seconds.

I was big into Vine. Like it was the only thing I cared about for a period of time.

Custoslibera OP ,

I’m certain they did, but the main page of vine was curated by humans at some point. It was organic for a moment in time or at least gave that appearance.

Custoslibera ,

The unwashed masses (like myself) will eventually change Lemmy. I don’t think it will ruin it completely because the best part about having hundreds of millions of lemmings is the niche communities.

The main instances and communities are going to get shot to hell though. I’ve accepted that.

Custoslibera ,

It’s ok. You go when you’re ready!

Custoslibera ,

I stopped watching Casey videos when he stopped making them ‘cinematic’.

Is he still a thing? Is he still married to Candice (sic)?

Custoslibera ,

I wonder how many lemmings understand this is a Beach Boys reference.

Do they still get a lot of radio play in the USA?

Custoslibera ,

I hate Elon because he is a capitalist crushing the working class, an alt-right con artist and takes credit for things he didn’t do.

I hate Taylor because she is a performative liberal who espouses progressive politics but doesn’t follow through making her a hypocrite.

I hate both because they are billionaires and neither should have been able to accumulate as much wealth as they have.

Custoslibera ,
Custoslibera ,

It isn’t inherently unethical to make money off of music.

If you’re implying that she is an ethical billionaire though then I have bad news for you.

Custoslibera ,

There are dozens of them. DOZENS!!!

Shkshkshk , (edited ) to science avatar

New research shows that the insects flying around the streetlights are in fact in a living hell that we made for bugs.


Essentially, their tiny bug brains think the light is the sunset, so they keep turning to keep the "sun" at the same angle so they can go "straight." No matter how far they fly, they don't make any progress. They are trapped in this little hell we made just for them, not understanding why they can't get to where they are going.

Custoslibera ,


Hell is the most scientific of all locations.

Hail science!!!

Custoslibera , (edited )

You’re not wrong.

I did completely gloss over the fact this term existed long before it was co-opted by the right.

I’m wrong about that for certain.

If I was to make an excuse I suppose it would be that I just don’t hear leftists using this term much in its original form. It has been twisted and hijacked and that is sad.

Maybe we should take it back but IMO I’d rather just call an issue what it is rather than create umbrella terms that encapsulate a variety of really complex topics.

If it’s a feminist issue it’s a feminist issue.

If it’s a representation issue it’s a representation issue.

If it’s a systemic racism issue it’s a systemic racism issue.

I’d rather we call it what it is than ‘woke’ but fully open to criticism of this position based on the fact this is ignoring its origin.

Custoslibera ,

Haha no I didn’t think you were saying I’m a bad person.

I honestly don’t mind if you did, I’ve been called much worse.

I’m genuinely appreciative of being called out. Challenge what anyone says IMO.

I really was ignorant of how far back the term was used (I was aware of the 2010’s usage etc) so it’s important context for me to learn this.

So much of black American culture is squashed and by me saying that ‘you shouldn’t use woke because right wingers use it’ is in some ways me being racist or at least culturally imperialist.

To be clear though that wasn’t my intent when I made up my original comment about ‘woke’ I was really just expressing my frustration that the right have adopted it so wholeheartedly seemingly every time it’s mentioned it’s always a ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ you know what we really mean when we say it and I’m pissed off about it to the point whenever I hear anyone use the term I immediately try to get to the bottom of what they really mean when they use it because invariably it’s the racist/sexist/xenophobic etc usage rather than the originally intended one.

Custoslibera ,

Yes you’re correct.

I have read and had to cite multiple times Crenshaw’s paper on intersectionality so I should have been clearer with my language and known better.

What I should have said is I want specificity in the language of describing who and what problem is trying to be addressed so it could very well be a feminist, systematically racist issue affecting African American women, rather than simply ‘it’s woke’.

Custoslibera OP ,

Thanks for this, reading now.

I’ve also been busy reading the history of the rise of the Nazi party particularly the SA.

It’s scary (scary is not a strong enough word for the combined emotions of frustration, anger, fear, anxiety) how close current USA events are replicating the original rise of Nazi Germany.

Custoslibera OP ,

No things wont be fine. At least for me and many others anyway.

I’m sorry you can’t see that yet.

There is an underclass of angry, often white, men who are frustrated at their life and instead of directing their rage at the capitalist system, which is responsible for the position they are in, they’ve been told immigrants, socialism, feminism, LGBTQIA+ and brown people are the problem.

They are now organising to make their fictional narrative reality and I will be crushed when this happens along with millions of others, like you, who thought this could never happen again.

The tragedy is that those same men who think they’ll be empowered by fascists will be swept aside the moment they are no longer useful. They are victims to an extent too, just that they will have enacted violence and terror while being wrong.

Custoslibera OP ,

How old do you think I am?

I’m ancient by Lemmy standards.

Age has made me more aware that most adults have no idea what they are doing but think they actually do by virtue that they’ve survived to their 40’s and beyond. This makes them incredibly dangerous.

Custoslibera OP ,

If they ever secure power my fate is basically sealed. I’ve accepted that.

It’s not slippery slope to be clear eyed about reality.

Custoslibera OP ,

If Modi, Trump, La Pen, Orban aren’t elected/reelected perhaps I’d change my view but I don’t have good reasons for thinking those things won’t happen.

If you believe that if those people are elected and it won’t lead to more fascism then I’m not sure what to say.

Custoslibera OP ,

Hmmmm I also frequent white supremacist sympathising discord and my general take away is that they are more desperate and more willing to take violent action to align reality with their views.

Of course this is only anecdotal so it’s kind of a moot point.

I’d be more confident in your opinion if there wasn’t a prevailing view that America will reelect Trump.

If trump isn’t elected it may not even stop fascism though.

Hitler was jailed before he rose to power, trump could very easily do the same. If I’m going to be optimistic about anything it’s the fact that Trump is very old and may not survive prison or the presidency for an extended period.

Custoslibera OP ,

I hope you’re correct. I just don’t fully believe it.

Custoslibera ,

Welcome and please stay on Lemmy. It’s what reddit used to be and only improves every month the more people come here.

Custoslibera ,

I’ve just had premonitions of cars crashing into each other in car parks when the ‘self parking’ mode is hacked…

Custoslibera ,

I’m going to generalise here but I have a strong suspicion I know the type of person/people who came up with this ‘brilliant’ idea.

Im guessing their homes and Stanley cups probably feature a pastel aesthetic.

Custoslibera ,

Well I for one am shocked that people working in IT have a superiority complex.

Custoslibera OP ,

Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?

Custoslibera ,

It’s trite but it does help.

If you consistently exercise hard I.e. go for a 5 mile run it will help release endorphins

Custoslibera OP ,

Ikr. Really should have made this Jan 1st.

Custoslibera OP ,

I’m making a note here. Huge success.

Custoslibera ,

What a relief!

Custoslibera ,

Tax should pay for healthcare of all citizens.

Why am I paying tax if I still have to pay to see a doctor?

Custoslibera OP ,

Oh I have issues with commitment and a constant feeling of ‘Is this the best I can expect?’ but I don’t regret my younger life.

My ‘weird’ sentiment stems more from me looking in from the outside at relationships where 20 year olds decide they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. I can’t imagine missing out on potentially meeting someone more compatible. Can you really meet the most compatible person for you when you’re 20?

When I was 20 I was a very different person, I’m assuming that’s similar for others.

Other commenters have talked about how they grow with partners but I wonder if it’s truly possible to do that while being so ‘together’ with another person. Some things you have to learn on your own.

Custoslibera OP , (edited )

What happened man? You used to be cool.

Custoslibera OP ,
Custoslibera OP ,

Very interesting perspective that you wouldn’t encourage your kids to do the same as you, why’s that?

To be honest if my kids married at 20 it’s not like I’d try to stop it, despite my reservations about it. I’d think it was a potential mistake but that’s coming from me as concern rather than disapproval.

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