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I keep having to login to Lemmy on any iPhone browser every time I navigate to a new page. Is there a way to keep me logged in?

The title really. I tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome, they all behave the same way: I have to re-enter my credentials almost every time I refresh the page or navigate to a new link within Lemmy. Especially on iPhone this is very annoying (since accessing your saved passwords requires entering a code). Is there a way to extend...

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Boost! Dev was great on Reddit, very active. Has a client for Lemmy now!

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As much as I hate to say it, Ubisoft has a really solid game on their hands. Some issue with netcode and I think the XIM/Cronus use is going to rise pretty quickly, but other games have dealt with it before. I've enjoyed the few hours I put in so far and will be playing it tonight with the boys. I'd like to see a classic TDM but hotshot works for now. Also a really cool take on the Kill Confirmed gametype

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I love driving. HSR is still super nice, because the worst part about driving is long distance trips. Day trip to the hills to drive fun windy roads? Hell yeah. Trip across the US where I spend 9 hours a day driving straight in Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas? Awful. That section of argument never makes any sense to me. "I love driving. Nothing better than sitting in the right lane for 7 hours on a perfectly flat, straight road". Morons lol

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I'd argue nah, cause JNCO jeans were huge when I was in middle school, and those are like...comically baggy. Like the bottom cuff would swallow your shoe. Even with standard jeans, boys showing ankle was a mortal sin, (for girls not so much, skinny jeans were in but I don't remember anything specific against baggy clothes either) and it was a huge issue in the school with people wearing saggy/baggy pants and hoodies that were too big. And this was early 00s, and through high school as well. Some "groups" did the skinny jeans in high school, namely like emo kids, but they'd still have other articles of clothes that were baggy.

I think a lot of it is algorithm based. Interacting with anything is going to start skewing the page, and it builds an echo chamber of "this generation has a bad opinion", when the reality is not so. Everything is driving engagement, and rage is always a top factor in engaging.

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Idk if I'd consider that nefarious moreso than just "we added a button and want to keep reply right of the options dropdown".

The addition of the awards button so prominently is easily deemed shitty tho lol

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You're right. It makes a difference that they moved it one spot to the left vs one spot to the right. If they had kept it second from the left, there would be no one upset about it.

Except the headline would likely be "they moved the dropdown button to put the award button in its place".

I'm not arguing that they added it in the first place. But given that there is an award button, where is the acceptable place to put it on the UI?

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Kinda par for the course for Reddit. There was like a whole thing a while back about how they were monetizing the site, selling off data, etc. Anyone who stayed should expect this and more.

Would also be crazy if they allowed 3rd party apps that let you change how you interacted with comments. I think I had one that was swipe reply, so I didn't have to tap anything at all. Whatcha get staying in a clearly money hungry platform I guess lol.

That might be my disconnect with the UI change, cause I wasn't tapping anything to interact with comments, I was only doing that to do formatting, etc, and didn't have that muscle memory. I do still think it's a bit "damned if you do, damned if you don't" in terms of where they're going to put it, but again, that's to be expected from that company at this point.

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Was the reply button the biggest previously? I never installed the official app so I don't know how it was previously set up

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This is my thought as well. The whole point of this system is that if you feel like you have better choices and ability, you are well within your rights to spin up your own instance and manage it, and make your own choices. Just follow the standards, and you should be able to integrate with existing platforms. They are free to defederate, but that's their call to do so. It's always been a tradeoff, and one of the big things with Reddit is that, even to a point now, it's Reddit or nothing. With federated sites, leaving a platform isn't starting completely over like it is leaving Reddit.

Which is the best micro sd card company/manufacturer you can recommend ?

I don't care about speed, bigger storage, or small price difference all i want is it to not start corrupting my files randomly, die really fast, be unreliable etc . i just want something to put my files on then delete em and add something else, and forget about it and have it work for atleast 10 years . I don't really transfer...

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In my experience it kind of means both. You get more speed obviously, but that comes with better quality materials and control processes at the manufacturer. People expect the $5 SD card to corrupt eventually, they get more upset when the $40 card does.

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I'm hardly an engineer, but I'd say the less movement the card takes, the better. SD cards are pretty old tech now, so there aren't many improvements to be made anyway. Cheap card, expensive card, as long as the contacts don't corroded or constantly get worn, I don't imagine they fail often. Photographers probably eat through them because of the transfer processes or people using them with phones/handheld games because they're always inserting/removing them. If it just sits there, it's just getting power and losing it, so it's squarely on the internals and no physical wear.

I've had the same cheap card in my dashcam for almost 5 years now, and it's never failed. High and low temps every year, but I attribute it's longevity to never removing it ever lol.

Crazy how Reddit decided to have interesting content all of a sudden

As soon as people showed the slightest signs of paying less attention to the Israel-Gaza situation, the entire frontpage is suddenly not enshittified anymore. Wow, look at this insane rapper beef! I haven't seen memes this funny in ages! Hey hockey fans, look at this insane helldivers 2 drama! Of course, all the political...

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I bet Drake just clicks the check boxes and doesn't unsubscribe from marketing emails.

First-time home buyers: how did you feel about getting a mortgage?

An option for me to buy a house has come up very suddenly and it seemed like a good idea at first - but I look at a mortgage and think "that's 15 years I'll spend paying back, at absolute minimum. Probably more like 25 years" - how can I possibly plan that far in advance?...

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Additionally, if you eventually want to move, you'll usually come out ahead a little bit. I was in a popular market, but I think we bought at 220k and sold at 320k. After all was said and done, I think we had a nice 60k profit, and we did not take the highest offer, we took one from a buyer that we knew was a family that would move in. Not a bad consolation prize for a break up, and I think we were only in it for...3 years?

Selling is stressful, but not nearly as much as buying.

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