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Beaten schoolchildren, military training, and Kremlin propaganda: new report accuses Russia of violating international law through 'Russification' of Ukrainian education system ( )

Russian authorities are imposing the Russian curriculum and Kremlin propaganda in Ukrainian schools in occupied areas of Ukraine and have retaliated against school workers if they refuse to implement the imposed Russian curriculum, a report published by Human Rights Watch days....

Coke—and Dozens of Others—Pledged to Quit Russia. They’re Still There. ( )

After Vladimir Putin’s troops surged over the Ukrainian border in February 2022, the Coca-Cola Co. was among the first multinationals to pledge it would quit Russia in protest. Aiming to avoid the inevitable headaches of complying with expected Western sanctions on the Kremlin, Coke asked its partners there to pull its cans...

Chinese coast guard personnel armed with swords, spears and knives accused of ramming Filipino boats in disputed South China Sea ( )

Philippines soldiers used their "bare hands" to fight off Chinese coast guard personnel armed with swords, spears and knives in the disputed South China Sea, the country's top military commander has said....

China Changes Hundreds of Uyghur Village Names as Part of Broader Government Effort to Erase Uyghur Culture in Xinjiang ( )

Chinese authorities in Xinjiang have been systematically changing hundreds of village names with religious, historical, or cultural meaning for Uyghurs into names reflecting recent Chinese Communist Party ideology, Human Rights Watch said....

Australian police accused of 'unnecessary force' against demonstrators who were protesting against China during Chinese premier's visit to parliament ( )

- One protester has claimed the Australian Federal Police used "brutalising" force in Canberra, as China's premier met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and dignitaries at Parliament House....

Israel added to UN ‘List of Shame’ for abuses against children in war, joining Palestinian Armed Groups, Russia, Sudanese Forces ( )

For the first time, the United Nations secretary-general added the Israeli armed forces to the “list of shame” of warring parties committing grave violations against children in armed conflict. Although long overdue, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ action was fully justified....

International Criminal Court (ICC) investigating alleged Russian cyberattacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure as possible war crimes, sources say ( )

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court are investigating alleged Russian cyberattacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure as possible war crimes, four sources familiar with the case said....

0x815 OP ,

These are not marketing but training materials offering authoritarian principles in areas such as law enforcement, journalism, legal issues, space technologies, and many other topics, to build and maintain a totalitarian regime as China's authoritarian capitalism model. It's for the benefit of a few, while the people's freedoms are suppressed.

Read the whole report.

0x815 OP ,

What is a good source for information on China?

China's government launched additional "local communication centers" to increase propaganda efforts worldwide ( )

The addition of external propaganda bases in Zhejiang and Tianjin over the past two weeks brings the total number at the provincial level to 23. These International Communication Centers (ICCs), also being launched at the city level, are meant to remake China’s approach to delivering its message externally....

0x815 OP ,

Corrected, thanks. It's no bear initiative :-) 🐼

How long have you been in there?! A popular tourist destination in China has installed toilet timers. Reactions are mixed. ( )

A video recently shared on various Chinese news and social media sites shows a set of timers installed above a row of toilet cubicles in a female washroom, with each stall getting its own digital counter....

South Australia to legislate 'world leading' electoral donation ban prohibiting donations and gifts to political parties, backed by tough penalties for those who seek to circumvent the law ( )

The South Australian premier, Peter Malinauskas, has announced plans to ban donations to registered political parties, members of parliament and candidates. The state will provide funding to allow parties and candidates to contest elections, run campaigns and promote political ideas, according to the proposed bill....

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