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007KeyLimePie OP ,

Thanks, all really good feedback. I've managed to find a few 'somewhat' active communities to join like for my local city which has about 1000~ subscribers. Not as bad as I was expecting to be honest... that's enough user base for me to give Lemmy a shot I think.

I guess every social media platform has its politics

007KeyLimePie OP , (edited )

Interesting points. I feel a bit let down then and not sure I've found what I'm looking for.

One question... Say a new season of your favourite TV show just dropped, where do you go online to discuss it? I'm surprised that in 2024 it's difficult to find somewhere online to just talk about topics. I do love Instagram but that's more picture based, X/Threads are just random shouts into a void, Facebook is Facebook... I struggle to think of any options other than Reddit, sadly. But I'm open to suggestions and just curious to know where people would immediately turn - to see what other people are saying about the show.

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