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With over 15 years of commercial experience prior to becoming an engineer in 2017, I have launched Maolte Technical Solutions Limited. The purpose of my company is to focus on contracting by connecting passion with purpose in the provision of services for your company's cloud, writing and consulting needs. You can find out more about Maolte Technical Solutions Limited at Personally, big fan of tech, reading/writing, fitness, TV & cinema. My views here are my own. cover

#haiku, korte verhalen/short stories/, columns, poëzie//poésie.
Kortom, het basismateriaal is taal.

all content is © and 100% human
haiku, senryu, other poems and short stories published in a.o. 'The Auroras & Blossoms Haiku Anthology: Volume 1', 'The Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal', 'The Folk Ku Journal', 'The Scarlet Dragonfly Journal' 'The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMoAnthology: Volume 4'


Auteur 'Cherchez la femme. Travestie als fenomeen' (Vassallucci, 1996)

A life full of non-profit engagements. Also ran a one-man shop developing for non-profits for 30+ years. Avid SF reader, mulling over development patterns and... the jackpot. cover

I have controlled traffic in the sky and on the sea. Now I write stories. Visit the Green Comet website for free downloads of ebooks and audio books.

#writing #greencomet #creativecommons #selfpublishing #freesoftware #science #fountainpens #writingcommunity #synesthesia #ebooks #audiobooks #recording #coffee #meteorology #clouds #books #reading cover

#writer—existing in an extraordinary world doing the extraordinary. Fuck them lanes. #WEOC #BotBEditor introvert #Illumination #TBIN TWHPoetryFellow #WildSeedsPoetryFellow #CenterforBlackLiterature #Poetry #Memoirs cover

Aspiring fantasy author and geek, with a bunch of chronic illnesses.

The Last Philosopher is my first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything.

It's been called imaginative, funny, and unique. People have even gone so far as to compare it to #DouglasAdams and #TerryPratchett.
My response to that comparison, is to go hide under the covers for a week with embarrassment.

Posts about writing, reading, books, libraries, and geekstuff.

Tags: #Writing #Author #Indie #Fantasy #Comedy #Satire cover

Fiction author (speculative fiction with a sinister bent), software dev, armchair philosopher.

I enjoy writing articles about things that interest me. General geekiness is implied.

Neurodivergent, living polyamourously and active in the kink community. #AuDHD

Discord: AshtarDeza

Header: library shelves with lightbulbs which cast a warm light. Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash.

Profile picture: Ash in thought. A white man with a bald head and a beard, wearing a white shirt. cover

Reader & editor into all things romance (queer HEAs especially), fantasy, inclusive language, & knitting. Tbh I mostly post pictures of my corgi. cover

I write short Spec Fiction, Horror Scifi and anything else that tickles the fancy.

Currently writing a collection of 'What If...?' novelettes.

A collection of poetry, where themes are expressed through pieces using fixed line & syllable structures (e.g: nonet, etheree, butterfly cinquain, sijo, senyru, etc).

Runner, Linux user, PC builder, tattoo designer, liquid DnB lover, kite flyer, cat dad ⚥

Hail from Salford - Live in Malta cover

Puerto Rican #storyteller and #writer
English & español

Viva #PuertoRico libre

Avatar: I'm offering you the most perfect sandball in the world, to enjoy, to throw high high up in the air, to watch its perfect round form fly across the blue skies, to watch it splash into the ocean with a satisfying plop, to see it dissolve into a million grains of sand that the waves carry back to shore.

Header: B&W drawing from upcoming book. Mother taking photo of kid hugging tree in porch garden. cover

Multidisciplinary artist, author, and editor.

Latest releases: "The Meaning" and "The Homes We Seek" - Available everywhere books are sold.

Latest digital project: The Home We Seek.

Co-creator: Auroras & Blossoms / A Warm Mug of Cozy.

Creator of the Sixku, Flashku, Sepigram, and Reminigram.
Co-creator of the Kindku, Pareiku, Vardhaku, and Hemingku. cover

A translator and editor of #NorwegianFolktales. A teacher. A Brit (nominally, after so many years) living in northern Norway. A human being.

Friend of #JohnMastodon cover

Alan Summers, founder, Call of the Page, and a Japan Times award-winning poet. I also give advice in writing and being published with haiku, haibun etc... cover cover

Hi there! I'm a robot wrangler, freelance writer, choir singer, community manager, cat paparazzo, and Oxford comma enthusiast from Denver, Colorado. I've been autistic since forever and type 1 diabetic since 2016. Pronouns are she/her/hers.

Profile photo: Orion the gray and white tabby cat in the loaf position on a beige pillow, his mouth wide open in the middle of a yawn.

Banner photo: A large sunflower with a setting sun behind it.

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