Israel's Shadow Over Free Speech: The Truth Behind the TikTok Ban Bill ( )

TikTok has long been in the crosshairs of powerful pro-Israel lobbying organizations due to the speed and ease with which content critical of Israeli atrocities and apartheid spreads on its platform. The risk younger users might question the concertedly concealed, horrific reality of Israel’s occupation has become all the graver throughout the Gaza genocide. Now, those same groups have corralled U.S. lawmakers into launching a fatal attack on free speech online.

sonori , avatar

Not to cast dispersions on the everything starts with the jews in Israel narrative, but didn’t most of the political movement to force the sale of US TikTok to a US owner and the current law to do so long predate Oct 7 and the more even distribution of support shown on TikTok months afterword. Like I hate to break it to you but congress, especially this congress and the maze of think tanks that draft their laws, just arn’t that fast and efficient at implementing new policy.

WarmSoda ,

.ml thinks that banning TikTok is the end of the world. So they attach everything to it.

givesomefucks ,

If politicians from both parties agree on something like this, the reason probably isn't what they're telling us...

It's usually because a donor that gives to both parties told them to

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