Saudi Arabia to be appointed chair of UN’s gender equality forum amid ongoing assault on women’s rights ( )

No, this isn't the onion.

Yes, Saudi Arabia still cuts off the clits of pre-teen girls as ritual:

The social contract is breaking. Governments do not exist to serve us. They exist to serve whoever pays them the most (which is none of you.)

Zrybew ,

Next: Israel to head Human Rights commission

RedditWanderer ,

Ok but the UN isn't a legislative body, it's a forum. Everybody gets their turn, including SA. If you try to convince someone they are wrong by sitting them down and "telling them you are right", you aren't going to get anywhere.

Appointing them the chair of the forum puts pressure on them, and forces them to discuss their terrible ways.

The people who wrote this article knew this, it's just clickbait because people see SA and women's rights in the same sentence.

Veiled in this comment from Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Advocacy, Sherine Tadros:

“The Commission on the Status of Women has a clear mandate to promote women’s rights and gender equality and it is vital for the chair of the commission to uphold this. Saudi Arabia’s abysmal record when it comes to protecting and promoting the rights of women puts a spotlight on the vast gulf between the lived reality for women and girls in Saudi Arabia, and the aspirations of the Commission.

Zoboomafoo , avatar

Saudi Arabia got appointed the chair to try to shame them into doing better, it's not because the UN is anti gender equality

Buffalox ,

In Saudi Arabia it's a woman's right to be raped by her husband.
To have them as chair for gender equality is a sad joke. Basically it's like having a bunch of rapists protecting women against rape.

Fuck dictator authoritarians, and fuck Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia represent both. They are worse than dogs.

acockworkorange ,

What do you have against dogs?

Buffalox ,

I love dogs, but to most muslims, dogs are considered unclean, so I was speaking on their terms.
Representatives of authoritarians and Sharia law are worse than unclean, in the eye of all that is decent.

Sanctus , avatar

Its not breaking, its been shattered on the floor since the 80's. Meet me at c/seitch to plan the global revolt.

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