Israel must take steps to allow more food and water into Gaza, UN top court orders ( )

In its legally binding order, the court told Israel to take "all necessary and effective measures to ensure, without delay, in full co-operation with the United Nations, the unhindered provision at scale by all concerned of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance" including food, water, fuel and medical supplies.

Reverendender , avatar

Also they totally have to respect women's rights better, says the Saudi guy who oversees that now, so you can see the UN really needs to be taken seriously

theacharnian OP , avatar

This is the International Court of Justice, not some committee.

acockworkorange ,

“Pwease genocide slower”

Linkerbaan , (edited ) avatar

Right after they obey that ceasefire order which America pretended was non binding.

Let's see if this ICJ order changes anything. Else the Genocide case won't matter as a whole.

wesker , avatar

They legally have to.

AgentDalePoopster ,

What happens when they don't?

wesker , avatar

They get more funding from the US.

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