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Retired in Victoria BC Canada. Interests include: cooking non-animal whole food (incl. fermenting veggies & making tempeh), blogging, shaving (old-school), reading, Go (baduk), Nordic walking, movies, observing, learning, & old jazz.


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Plant eater, animal lover, reader, socially disassociated currently, photographer, e-bike (now) rider.
I've stopped boosting images that lack alt text. Even ones that I love!
I live in Nova Scotia, with my husband, border collie and three Cornish Rex cats. I seem to spend 90% of my waking time in the kitchen, cooking and the rest out walking my dog.
I do not post or comment on anything political.
I write stories and take pictures. They are on my blog mostly.
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In memory of a lovely black cat in #Colorado. Made it to 21 years! May all your #pets live as long.

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