NotMyOldRedditName ,

It seems like it's getting easier and easier to take these targets out as more and more air defense goes down, which makes logical sense.

At what point does this snowball into a existential threat to Russias invasion?

Thorny_Insight ,

Classic tactics straight out of the playbook of other terrorist organizations. Will probably not stop the missile strikers but a non-zero number of useful idiots will raise a fuss about Ukraine targeting innocent civilians.

popcap200 ,

Part of me wonders if Biden okay'd striking Russian equipment inside Russia so they can widdle down Russian AA before the F16s get delivered. IMO it'd be a bad look having all the F16s getting shot down in a few weeks.

Badeendje , avatar

It will be a factor for sure. But the brazenness with which Russians would concentrate their troops just inside Russia with ammo stockpiles and zero to no opsec needed to be addressed. At the same time this dramatically increased the length of the front line for Russia.

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