16-Year Old Ukrainian "Black Nightingale" Maria Misyuk Charged with Terrorism in Belarus ( abc-belarus.org )

Maria Misyuk is a citizen of Ukraine, she moved to Belarus with her parents in 2022 after the start of the war in Ukraine. Studied at an art college in Mir.

Presumably detained at the end of December 2023 at the age of 16. According to a propaganda film shown on state television at the end of April 2024, Maria was the organizer of the anarchist cell “Black Nightingales” on the territory of Belarus, whose goal was allegedly to carry out sabotage in Belarus and Russia. As stated in the story, the organization was associated with the “People's Liberation Army of Ukraine” and the SBU.

In addition to Maria Misyuk, the following were also detained in the Black Nightingales case: Trofim Borisov, Sergei Zhigalev, Dmitry Zahoroshko, Anastasia Klimenko and Alexandra Pulinovich. In the film, some of the detainees talk about their roles, in particular, they claim that they gathered in an apartment in Baranavichy, where they tried to assemble an explosive device, and later planned to test it.

It is known that Maria Misyuk has been charged under Part 2 of Art. 289 of the Criminal Code – “Act of terrorism”. It is unknown what the others are accused of.

Activists of the “Black Nightingales” pasted leaflets and wrote inscriptions against the war and dictatorship, for example, “death to the dictatorship”, “new tsar 1917”, “Long live Belarus”.

Via ABC-Belarus

Daxtron2 ,

They left Ukraine for Belarus??

Badeendje ,
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Eastern Europe is very complex. So many cultural and family ties all over the place.

zakobjoa ,
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Big Marusya vibes.

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