partial_accumen ,

"The building you see destroyed behind me was destroyed by our own Russian bombs missing Ukrainian targets." -Z journalist probably

lemmytellyousomething ,

The walls of the building just retreated to the ground to take better positions there...

Evilcoleslaw , (edited )

"Our mighty buildings shattered their pathetic little missiles, as planned."

dalakkin ,

I've seen this kind of thing before. I think it's on purpose where they have to say something and they still show what really happened as a fuck you.

DarkThoughts ,

Malicious compliance.

ArbitraryValue ,

That's just from the debris of all the drones they shot down, duh.

(Sarcasm, just in case.)

Spitzspot , avatar

Baghdad Bob

bazus1 ,

At least Baghdad Bob didn't show up wearing a helmet and flack jacket and say, "There's no war in this area of Ba Sing Se"

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