cabron_offsets ,

Kill the blyats.

granolabar ,

Give them more tools!

Obligatory, fuck Russia.

mindlight ,

That Kerch Bridge looks yummy....

thebestaquaman ,

At this point, it almost seems like Ukraine is happy to let Russia keep funnelling troops and equipment into Crimea, and just use it as a huge kill-box with nowhere to hide

Badeendje , avatar

Taking down the bridge was one of the things the German officers where caught discussing in that intelligence SNAFU.

They said the bridge was the size of an airfield and would take more than 20 Taurus missiles to take it out. And the Taurus missile was specially designed to bust high value reinforced targets. And it was not even clear if they where just talking about the car bridge only or included the rail bridge.

I hope the creative ukranians find a way to take out the bridge tough.

An additional point is that the bridge was also a main supply route for troops on the zaporizhia front, but the Russians have been working non stop to install a coastal railroad from Rostov to Mariupol.

FrostyTrichs , avatar

Is there a source you'd recommend for keeping up with the progress of both sides? I appreciate the work that goes into this community but I assume it's painting a Ukraine friendly picture (as far as battleground conditions go) simply because it's in support of Ukraine.

Things like the coastal railroad you mentioned I wasn't even aware of and I assume that's because most of what I browse is showing the positive things for Ukraine instead of a more balanced/accurate picture of what the state of the war is.

Badeendje , avatar

Oh boy,I watch (in no particular order):

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