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FPV drone destroying a truck carrying ammo in the Belgorod region, with video from both sides. ( )

Belgorod - yes, it was us😎

Of course, you remember the video of the FPV drone flying into a truck from the BC in the BNR . It was us - the crew of the ACHILLES assault battalion of the 92nd OSHBr.

Aggressive war launched by the occupier must take place on its territory. We are looking for various opportunities to repulse the enemy not only during his direct attack, but also act preventively - flying at long distances. This is made possible by the use of high-power batteries and high-quality video transmitters (VTX) in FPV drones.

Now in the Kharkiv region , where the battalion is fighting, drones, components and other equipment are urgently needed. Support the current collection for high-power batteries so that drones can carry more powerful projectiles and fly as far as possible:


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DaCrazyJamez ,

Yay for blowing stuff up, but if they were close enough to get that video, why not just steal the truck and then have the ammo for yourself?

DaCrazyJamez ,

And befoee someone says "different ammo," most ukrainian weapons are using 7.62x39 or other soviet style rounds...russia and ukraine use mostly the same ammo. Yes,some of the NATO provided weapons will be different (5.56 etc) but there is enough overlap that they could definietly put it to good use.

LaFinlandia OP , avatar

The video by the truck was filmed by Russians.

DaCrazyJamez ,

Well, I guess that makes sense

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