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Undermining Ukraine: How Russia widened its global information war in 2023 (

Western sanctions applied in the wake of the initial invasion disrupted Russia’s ability to reach some European audiences with its state-sponsored media outlets. But Russia has since adjusted its information operations to focus more on social media; in addition to attacking Western public support to fund Ukraine’s defense,...

European Parliament calls on EU to give Ukraine whatever it needs to defeat Russia, U.S. House of Representatives must adopt stalled military assistance 'without delay' (

For Kyiv to win, there should be “no self-imposed restriction on military assistance to Ukraine”, with Parliament reaffirming the need to provide the country with whatever is needed to regain full control over its internationally recognised territory....

SpaceX Starlink terminals openly available on Russian website offered by Chinese drone maker DJI claiming to be an "official distributor" (

The revelation follows allegations Russian forces are deploying Starlink in their invasion of Ukraine, now in its third year. DJI says it forbids distributors from selling its products in instances of suspected combat end-use. In April 2022, the tech firm announced it was temporarily suspending business in both Russia and...

Driven by economic hardship and war fatigue, Russians are increasingly in favour of withdrawing troops from Ukraine without achieving the war's objectives, according to recent sociological research (

By the end of 2023, Russians who support a troop withdrawal from Ukraine "without achieving the war goals" were for the first time more numerous than those who oppose such a move. Ordinary Russians consider the war to be the most important negative fact in their lives and want it to end quickly....

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