penquin ,

Trying to understand what the fuck the headline is talking about be like:

Rentlar ,

Oh wow, I already figured that government agents had free access to Facebook DMs but the lawsuit alleging Netflix and other companies getting access to what users say to each other? That's a new one, we'll see how those claims play out. It wouldn't be surprising to me.

tja ,

As I read it it's more that Netflix can send users DMs to tell them about their new show?

Fixbeat ,


Shake747 ,

Yeah, what a horrible headline lol.

It's about Facebook allegedly stopping it's streaming service to keep one of its largest ad revenue customers happy (Netflix), but also that court docs were unsealed in an anti trust suit, and Facebook may have agreements with Spotify and Netflix, to allow them to read users DM's (no idea why that's relevant but yeah, fuck Facebook! Lol)

It's very speculative though and may not be true. Not that it'd surprise me if it were true either though..

🤷 Does anyone here even use Facebook?

otter , avatar

🤷 Does anyone here even use Facebook?

I think a lot of people use it out of necessity

It's hard to dump a messaging platform if you need to talk to certain people

Nindelofocho ,

Yea i prefer other platforms but all my friends use it, its the only real way to talk to my mom remotely (shes deaf) and for all its faults its consistent and reliable

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